CHORD Rob Watts氏 インタビューでサイズや価格に制約なしの最高のリファレンスとなるUltimaDACを開発中と語る


CHORD Rob Watts氏 インタビューで
DAVEのようなサイズに制約されず (DAVEでは代表のジョンフランクスがサイズにこだわった)
最高のリファレンスとなる UltimaDAC(UltimateDAC)を開発中と語る

CHORDの Rob Watts に対するインタビュー動画

Q&A session with Rob Watts about the past, present and future of Chord Electronics

A battery powered M Scaler and TT2/Hugo2?
Rob’s favorite headphones and loudspeakers?
A wireless streamer from Chord, will that ever happen?
A high-end headphone amplifier from Chord, will that ever happen? Working with FPGAs Rob’s thoughts about R-2R ladder DACs ?
Switching Mode Power Supplies VS Linear Power Supplies
Rob’s thoughts about third party linear power supply makers for TT2, M Scaler and DAVE
Will we ever see I2S inputs on future Chord DACs?
New Chord DACs?
Guinness or IPA beer? Which is Rob’s favorite

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