Dan D’Agostino 「Progression Integrated Amplifier」の価格等を発表

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Progression Integrated
shipping in August, 2019
MSRPs of
$18,000 USD for the analog base model,
$20,000 for the analog model with optional phono stage
$25,000 USD for the unit equipped with the optional phono stage and digital module.


Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems US premier of the Progression Integrated Amplifier at T.H.E. Entertainment Show

LONG BEACH, CA, JUNE 7, 2019— Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems chose T.H.E. Home Entertaiment Show for the US premier of the Progression Integrated Amplifier, the latest addition to the award-winning Progression Series.  The active display will be in the Pacific 2 room at the Hilton Long Beach in conjunction with Alma Music and Audio from San Diego, CA. The Progression Integrated combines the elegance and detail retrieval of the Progression Preamplifier with the power and dynamic capability of the Progression amplifier topology housed in a chassis the exudes the D’Agostino aesthetic.  Built on a modular platform, the Progression Integrated fills every need of today’s music listener and audiophile. The analog platform provides two single ended inputs and three balanced inputs including a theater pass through. Balanced preamplifier outputs make for convenient inclusion of subwoofer(s) into a system. An optional moving coil phono module adds turntable playback to the list of features. The Bluetooth Remote control connectivity, first used in the Progression and Momentum HD Preamplifiers, is included as part of the base package. Bluetooth connectivity eliminates line of sight issues and extends the usable range 5x versus conventional IR remote controls.
An optional digital module vaults the Progression Integrated into the cutting edge of today’s digital listening environment. The digital enhancement adds connectivity for legacy sources, both source and host USB functionality, and premier streaming functionality. Field upgradeable, the digital module adds two SPDIF coaxial, two Optical, USB-A, USB-B, and RJ-45 inputs.  Roon music management with Tidal, Qobuz, and MQA digital technologies are all available features.  A fully differential DAC handles PCM signals up to 24 bit/192 KHz and DSD signals up to 4xDSD (11.2 MHz).

“The Progression Integrated adds another level of performance, feature set, and pricing to our product lineup. It provides our customers an opportunity to experience a fully featured offering within the D’Agostino product line at a more attainable price point”, said D’Agostino Audio President, Bill McKiegan.

Robust enough to drive virtually any loudspeaker, the Progression Integrated outputs 200W into 8 Ohms and 400W into 4 Ohms. A unique toroidal winding technology, first employed in the Momentum M400 amplifier, delivers greater power output from a similarly sized conventional transformer keeping the Progression Integrated surprisingly small for its capability. Internal circuitry filters RF noise from the AC powerline and compensates for asymmetric power waveforms and DC on the mains.

Two analog meters, inspired by Swiss watch faces, function as signal level meters during music playback. When volume is adjusted, the meter needles change to volume setting indicators. After adjustments are made, the meters revert back to signal level operation. The meters also function as balance, phase, and mute indicators.

The Progression Integrated will begin shipping in August, 2019 with estimated MSRPs of $18,000 USD for the analog base model, $20,000 for the analog model with optional phono stage, and $25,000 USD for the unit equipped with the optional phono stage and digital module. The optional module may also be added at a later date.  Standard finishes include silver or black with custom painted finishes available upon request.


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海外ニュース速報 [World] 新製品速報

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This new product brings greatly enhanced streaming audio functionality and an elegantly simple user experience to all owners of current dCS products.

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海外ニュース速報 [World] 新製品速報



海外ニュース速報 [World] 新製品速報


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