ELACから「 Concentro S 507 」登場!!

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ELAC Concentro S 507

Concentro is synonymous with the ultimate in workmanship, design, and sound. The Concentro S 507 retains all the features and benefits of the larger Concentro loudspeakers but creates its own unique visual impact.

Its exterior is a perfect symbiosis of the extravagant design of the Concentro and the clean lines of the VELA Series. The trapezoid basic shape, wraparound baffle, and gently angled cabinet combine to convey a natural, low-key appearance. The striking bottom assembly achieves a ‘high-heel’ effect, imparting a sense of elegance and stability. Incidentally, it also guarantees an exceptionally sound footing.

The innovative step X-JET features a concentric chassis built around a new JET 5c tweeter and a midrange driver with an aluminum membrane. The patented technology uses exchangeable DCRs (Directivity Control Ring) to tailor the directional characteristics in the mid-frequency range to conditions in the listening area. The different DCRs (three aluminum DCRs are included as standard) are used to influence the relationship between direct and diffuse sound in the listening area. Four powerful side-firing long-throw woofers ensure effortless performance. The special ICD configuration (Impluse Compensated Design) guarantees contoured bass reproduction free of any coloration due to unwanted mechanical vibrations. Put simply, the Concentro S 507 will satisfy the most discerning listeners by reproducing audio signals to perfection across the entire frequency spectrum and at all volumes.

Height: 1220mm with Spikes/Washer
Width: 270mm with Spikes/Washer
Depth: 380mm with Spikes/Washer
Weight: 37 kg
Type: 4-Way, Bass Reflex
Woofer: 4 x 150mm AS Cone
Low-Midrange: 1 x 180mm AS-XR Cone
High-Midrange: 1×50|130mm AL Cone
Tweeter :1 x Jet 5c
Crossover Frequency: 120 | 400 | 2600 Hz
Nominal power handling: 240 Watts
Minimum Impedance: 3.0 Ohms @ 360 Hz
Peak Power Handling: 300 Watts
Frequency Range: 24 – 50,000 Hz
Sensitivity: 88 dB / 2.83V/m
Suitable for Amplifiers: 4 – 8 ohms
Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms
Recommended amplifier power: 60 – 500 Watts per channel
Finishes: Black High Gloss, White High Gloss
Accessories Included: Bi-Wiring Set, Gloves, Spike Set, Washer

Mark Levinsonから、 № 5105 Turntable 登場!!

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— HARMAN International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. focused on connected technologies for automotive, consumer and enterprise markets, is introducing the Mark Levinson № 5105 Turntable at CES 2020. The № 5105 is a premium precision-engineered turntable with a completely original custom design. The № 5105 blends lustrous elements intrinsic to the acclaimed 5000 series industrial design, while introducing new material combinations essential for its exceptional performance.

“Engineered and built for the discriminating analog music lover, the № 5105 delivers an amazing level of warmth and fidelity, and an overall listening experience that we have not seen before at this price point,” said Jim Garrett, Senior Director, Product Strategy and Planning, HARMAN Luxury Audio. “The quality of the № 5105 must be heard to be appreciated, and we’re very proud to be able to introduce legendary Mark Levinson quality to a broader set of recorded music enthusiasts.”

The № 5105 features one-inch thick, bead-blasted, black-anodized, solid aluminum front panels that are machined and contoured to flow seamlessly into the sleek glass display. The tinted glass is recessed into a bead-blasted, clear-anodized aluminum bezel, with aluminum Speed and Standby control buttons to match. The iconic Mark Levinson hourglass knob design is also featured as a record weight; bead-blasted machined aluminum with a gently curved profile mass loaded with solid brass. This silhouette is echoed in the custom aluminum tonearm gimbal.

A custom 10-inch high-gloss back carbon fiber tonearm tube is fused to a solid aluminum headshell with an integrated finger lift and. A14 lb solid aluminum platter suspended on a ground, hardened steel axle rotates on ultra-precise bearings. An oil-free bearing bottom made of a mix of composite material with integrated lubrication and a maintenance-free sintered brass bushing ensures reliable operation for years to come.

The nearly 2“ thick solid aluminum plinth is machined from a single billet and is suspended on three adjustable aluminum feet, each with a mixed-material internal suspension system. The integrated white bubble level aids in deck leveling.

The 12V synchronous motor‘s control signal is digitally generated; therefore, it exhibits no temperature drift, ensuring speed stability and low wow/flutter. The integrated wide-range power supply is designed for global use with 90-260 VAC and four included AC cables.

The signature platter mat and user guide are delivered stylishly in the Nº5105 12-inch double LP gatefold jacket.

The № 5105 turntable will be available either with or without a factory-installed moving coil phono cartridge. Pricing starts at $6,000 for the version without phono cartridge and $7,000 for the version with a cartridge, both versions will be available in Summer 2020.


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Dream Amplifier
SPA-8 Playback Designs Stereo Power Amplifier


ultra-low-noise differential linear-phase input
discrete complementary differential class-A input stage
discrete complementary class-A voltage amplifier stage
class-A pre-driver and driver
class-AB bipolar output stage
low impedance CFP bias generator
latest thermal TRAK technology for ultra-fast and precise bias
20x 200W BJ transistors per channel
2x 1800VA toroidal transformer with electric and magnetic shielding
294000µF capacitors
each channel is a standalone processor supervised system (total of four processors)


2x 1600W continuous peak into 4 Ohm
0.00054% THD+N (1kHz, 400W, 8R)
98dB SNR (1W, 8R, 20Hz-22kHz)
860x730x340 (LxBxH[mm])

東京インターナショナルオーディオショウ2019 写真レポートが完成しています。


東京インターナショナルオーディオショウ 2019 写真レポート

McIntoshから、MC901 Dual Mono Amplifier 登場!!

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McIntosh is proud to announce the new MC901 Dual Mono Amplifier.

Legendary home audio company McIntosh has been perfecting vacuum tube amplifiers since the 1940s and solid state amplifiers since the 1960s. Their amplifiers have been used at many historic events including presidential inaugurations and Woodstock, as well as in landmark sound systems like the Grateful Dead’s Wall of Sound and Despacio. From that heritage comes a truly one-of-a-kind home audio amplifier only they could dream of, design and build as the ultimate solution for bi-amping loudspeakers: the new McIntosh MC901 Dual Mono Amplifier.

The MC901 is a monoblock amplifier that drives a single speaker. But it is unlike any other monoblock amplifier. What makes the MC901 so unique is that it’s two amplifiers combined into one. Adding to the uniqueness is that each amplifier is of differing design philosophies: the MC901 consists of a 300 Watt vacuum tube amplifier attached to a 600 Watt solid state amplifier on one unified chassis.

The 300 Watt vacuum tube portion powers the speaker’s mid and upper drivers via eight KT88 output tubes, plus four 12AT7 and two 12AX7A signal tubes; the solid state section delivers 600 Watts of dedicated power to the power hungry woofers. The 300 Watt vacuum tube amp in the MC901 uses McIntosh’s patented Unity Coupled Circuit output transformer – the same technology McIntosh was founded on in 1949 – to deliver its full 300 Watts into almost any speaker regardless if it has 2, 4 or 8 Ohm impedance. Similarly, the 600 Watt solid state amp delivers its full 600 Watts into a 2, 4 or 8 Ohm impedance speaker via McIntosh’s Autoformer™ technology.

Vacuum tubes do not perform at their best when they are amplifying lower frequencies that are not being used by the loudspeaker. With the MC901, the vacuum tube amp will not be burdened with low end reproduction as the solid state section will drive these frequencies. The two amplifier sections of the MC901 are designed to work together in a synergistic relationship and are specifically engineered to assure that each section only amplifies its intended frequencies. Each amplifier section has its own discrete power supply so neither siphons power or performance away from the other. All of this results in easy bi-amping with unparalleled performance and sound reproduction from the speakers.

Prior to the MC901, bi-amping a speaker required two separate amplifiers. It also required an external crossover, along with a lot of trial and error, to properly configure the two detached amplifiers so they worked together as best as possible. The MC901 solves this issue thanks to its internal, adjustable crossover with the controls easily accessible on the top of the unit. These adjustable crossover filters allow the user to optimize the performance of both amplifier sections to their listening preferences. Relative gain levels for each amplifier section can be adjusted from -6dB to + 3dB. A direct feed can also be connected to each amplifier section, thus bypassing the filters.

Like virtually all McIntosh amplifiers, the MC901 features an iconic “McIntosh Blue” Watt meter, which has come to be recognized around the world as a symbol of quality audio. And just like the MC901 itself is a new design, so too is its meter with the introduction of McIntosh’s new DualView™ Power Output Meter. The DualView meter features two of McIntosh’s traditional, fast responding mechanical meters stacked above and below each other in a single meter window; one meter is dedicated to the 300 Watt vacuum tube amp and the other to the 600 Watt solid state amp. Each meter operates independently of the other and displays the real time power reading of each amplifier section.

While an entirely new design, the MC901 comes with the technology one would expect from a McIntosh amplifier: Power Guard® in the 600 Watt solid state amplifier section, Sentry Monitor™, Quad Balanced design, Power Control, Solid Cinch™ speaker binding posts, McIntosh Monogrammed Heatsinks™, and McIntosh’s eco-friendly Power Management System.

A brand new technology in the 300 Watt vacuum tube amplifier section of the MC901 is Power Guard Screen Grid Sensor™ (SGS). Power Guard SGS™ helps prevent premature vacuum tube failure by monitoring the screen grid current in the KT88 output vacuum tubes. If the current becomes too high, a circuit in Power Guard SGS is activated which then dynamically attenuates the input signal in real time to keep the vacuum tubes operating at safe levels.

Although the MC901 may look different than any McIntosh product before it, a quick glance reveals signature McIntosh design cues. The top is highlighted by a series of diagrams printed on glass that outline the basic circuitry and specifications of the unit, along with a glass nameplate trimmed with a circular aluminum ring that’s finished to match the front panel endcaps. The sides are adorned with vintage McIntosh-styled die cast aluminum name badges. Two classic McIntosh knobs are located on the front of the polished stainless steel chassis, and direct LED backlighting illuminates the DualView meter, McIntosh logo and the lettering on the black glass front panel. The uncompromising level of fit and finish that is expected of a McIntosh product completes the MC901.

Unit Dimensions (W x H x D):
17-1/2″ (44.5cm) x 13-1/4″ (33.7cm) x 29-1/2″ (74.9cm)

Shipping Dimensions (W x H x D):
24-13/16″ (63cm) x 18-3/8″ (46.7cm) x 36-1/4″ (92.1cm)

Unit Weight:
170 lbs (77.1 kg)

Shipping Weight:
190 lbs (86.2 kg)

Expected to begin shipping December 2019

• US MSRP: $17,500 each Mono Amplifier

A one-of-a-kind, ultimate solution for bi-amping loudspeakers with dual inputs

magicoから、A5 登場!!

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The largest and most advanced of Magico’s A Series, the A5 incorporates the company’s first 5-inch pure midrange driver as well as enhanced midrange and bass driver cone technology. These new cones achieve unprecedented stiffness-to-weight ratio, a key parameter that Magico has pursued over the past 15 years. In addition, the crossover debuts Mundorf’s new M-Resist Ultra foil resistors for unmatched transparency, liquidity and power handling. “The A Series has been a great success in reaching a wider audience,” said Magico’s founder, Alon Wolf. “The A5 builds on that success with a new 5-inch midrange of extraordinary musicality. And the A5 ‘plays larger,’ with powerfully extended dynamic range.” The three-way, five- driver floor standing speaker retains such Magico hallmarks as extensively cross-braced 6061 aircraft grade aluminum and Elliptical Symmetry Crossover. Finished in brushed black anodized aluminum, the loudspeaker will be available in the first quarter of 2020 at a suggested retail price of $21,800/pair.

New bass drivers with advanced new sandwich cones
The 9” bass drivers of the A5 feature a newly enhanced version of Magico’s Graphene Nano-Tec cones. Graphene, a hexagonal lattice of carbon, achieves 50 times the tensile strength of high-carbon steel. The new cone design combines Graphene layered carbon fiber with advanced new core materials to achieve the highest possible stiffness to weight ratio. Thanks to extensive computer simulation and prototype tests, the driver chassis achieves an ideal combination of stiffness and damping, minimizing acoustical contribution and maximizing airflow. The new bass unit incorporates oversized components including a 5-inch pure Titanium voice coil and huge copper cap with 1⁄2” of linear excursion. The super-stabilized magnetic field enables the A5 to really thunder, producing 115 dB SPL (@ 50 Hz, 1 meter), while maintaining very low distortion and inductance below 0.18 mH. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) provides Magico engineers a single platform to assess acoustical, mechanical, electromagnetic and thermal properties. This meticulous testing helps minimize distortions in the frequency and time domains. Borrowed from the Magico M3 and M6, the triple bass driver configuration provides easy room integration, maximum distribution of the floor bounce effect and effortless reproduction of extreme musical peaks.

New five-inch pure midrange driver
The new 5-inch full-cone midrange driver enables wider dispersion and greater midrange transparency. Like the bass driver, the midrange also incorporates an advanced Graphene carbon fiber sandwich cone. A new foam surround helps achieve ideal cone/surround integration, faster settling time and impressively low distortion. The all-new motor system uses a pure Titanium voice coil. The super stabilized magnetic field and pure copper pole cap minimize eddy currents and maximize efficiency. This latest midrange driver sets new benchmarks of measured performance.

High frequency driver
Based on the fundamental design platform and geometry of the M-Series tweeters and shared with the other members of the A-Series, the tweeter incorporates a pure beryllium-diaphragm with an optimized 28-mm dome. Magico encases the customized neodymium motor system in an engineered back chamber with the company’s most advanced damping materials. This enables ultra-low distortion, high power handling, massive dynamic capabilities and extended linear voice coil movement.

Crossover debuts the Mundorf M-Resist Ultra foil resistors
Magico acoustically integrates all five drivers with the proprietary Elliptical Symmetry Crossover topology built with state-of-the-art components from Mundorf EB Gmbh of Cologne, Germany. The A5 will be the first product in the world to offer Mundorf’s new M-Resist Ultra foil resistors. Now perfected after years of development, the new resistors deliver greater power handling, transparency and liquidity. The 3-way network features a 24 dB per octave Linkwitz-Riley filter that maximizes frequency bandwidth while preserving phase linearity and minimizing intermodulation distortion.

Aircraft-grade aluminum enclosure
Weighing in at 180 pounds each, the A5 features a massive, sealed enclosure machined entirely of 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum, the same material and construction methods as in Magico’s acclaimed Q-Series. Complex internal bracing helps stiffen the entire enclosure and minimize resonance. A dedicated sub-enclosure houses the midrange driver, protecting it from the extensive back wave energy of the bass drivers. The aluminum has an elegant, brushed black anodized finish.

Driver Complement
1” Tweeter (x1)
5” Graphene Nano-Tec Midrange (x1)
9” Graphene Nano-Tec Bass (x3)

Sensitivity: 88 dB
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Frequency Response: 22 Hz – 50 kHz
Recommended Power: 50 – 1000 Watts
Dimensions: 10.5” (W) x 14.9” (D) x 44.75” (H)
Weight: 180 lbs
Suggested Retail Price (US): $21,800/pair
Ship date: 1st Quarter 2020

Ayre QB-9からQB-9 Twentyへのアップグレードサービス開始。

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Ayre QB-9からQB-9 Twentyへのアップグレードサービス


・DSD256(4x;11.2MHz) & PCM384kHz対応
・“Twenty テクノロジー” によるオーディオ回路と電源回路のグレードアップ

・Our Diamond output circuit improves musicality and bass response.
・A new JFET differential stage lowers the noise floor.
・AyreLock power supply regulation for better rendering of fine musical detail.
・New AC noise filtering for improved resolution.
・Custom Ayre Asynchronous USB technology further reducing electrical noise in the system.
・New ESS DAC chip for improved signal to noise ratio and spacial detail.
・Six layer board design for optimal circuit isolation.
・Proprietary reclocking to eliminate USB domain jitter.
・PCM play back up to 384 kHz
・Native DSD capability up to DSD256 (4x)
・HDCD decoding





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東京インターナショナルオーディオショウ 2019 写真レポート




東京インターナショナルオーディオショウ 2019




G701 株式会社ディーアンドエムホールディングス(デノン) D&M Holdings Inc. (Denon)

G602 エソテリック株式会社 ESOTERIC COMPANY

G603・604 株式会社リンジャパン Linn Japan Ltd.

G605 株式会社ヤマハミュージックジャパン YAMAHA MUSIC JAPAN CO.,LTD.

G607 有限会社フューレンコーディネート Fuhlen Coordinate Ltd.

G608 今井商事株式会社 Imai & Co.,Ltd.  

G609 アイシン高丘株式会社 AISIN TAKAOKA CO.,LTD.

G610 株式会社太陽インターナショナル Taiyo International, Inc.

G501 株式会社アブサートロン AVSeartron Corporation

G502 株式会社エレクトリ ELECTORI CO., LTD.

G503 キソアコースティック株式会社 Kiso Acoustic CO.,LTD.

G504 有限会社アッカ ACCA Inc.

G505 オルトフォンジャパン株式会社 Ortofon Japan Co., Ltd.

G507 株式会社トライオード Triode Corporation Ltd.

G508 フォスター電機株式会社 フォステクス カンパニー FOSTEX Company, A division of Foster Electric Co., Ltd.  

G509 ハイエンド有限会社 High-End Ltd.

G510 株式会社ディーアンドエムホールディングス(マランツ) D&M Holdings Inc(Marantz)

G401 株式会社テクニカル オーディオデバイセズ ラボラトリーズ Technical Audio Devices Laboratories, Inc. 


G403 株式会社アーク・ジョイア Ark Gioia, inc.

G404 株式会社タイムロード Timelord Ltd.


G407 アキュフェーズ株式会社 Accuphase Laboratory, Inc.

G408 ラックスマン株式会社 LUXMAN Corporation

G409 株式会社ステラ Stella Inc. / G409 株式会社ゼファン ZEPHYRN INC.

G410 株式会社ロッキーインターナショナル ROCKY international, Ltd.

Hall D1 パナソニック株式会社(テクニクス) Panasonic Corporation[Technics]

D401 エイ・アンド・エム株式会社 A&M LIMITED

Hall5D  アクシス株式会社 Axiss Corporation

D502  ヨシノトレーディング株式会社 Yoshino Trading

D503  株式会社ユキム Yukimu Corporation


ハーマンインターナショナル(株)  HARMAN International. HARMAN Sound Summit in TOKYO



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