SonusfaberからMaxima Amator登場!!


Sonusfaber Maxima Amator
・The third member of the Heritage family
・The first two-way floor stander model with a solid wood cabinet.
・New crossover and two reference drivers able to work in a maximally organic way make the new-born Maxima Amator unique and surprising

2-way floorstanding vented loudspeaker system
Tw: H28 XTR-04 DAD™, Ø 28 mm / 1,1 in
Mw: MW18XTR-04, Ø 180 mm / 7 in
2.100 Hz
35 Hz – 35.000 Hz
88 dB SPL (2,83V/1 m)
4 ohm
25 – 125W , without clipping
1120 x 300 x 350 mm
44,1 x 11,8 x 13,8 in
38 Kg each – net weight
83,7 lb each – net weight

Dan D’Agostinoから Relentless Pre amplifier 登場!!


Dan D’Agostino Relentless Pre amplifier

Three Chassis Two Zone Preamplifier

Separate Power Two Audio Chassis

Interlocking Feet Carry Signal and Power

Unique FET Input Coupled to Bipolar Output

Balanced,Discrete,Complimentary Circuitry Throughout

Independent Power Supplies for Control, Left and Right Channels

Bi-Directional Bluetoouh RemoteControl

Optional Streaming Digital Module

Sonusfaberから、何かしらの新製品登場!! Heritage lineの何かか?


Something new is finally coming, a project thought up in our head many years ago that now exists as a part of the Sonus faber Heritage line. Stay tuned on our channels for more!

フランスのオーディオブランド LIEDSON 国内輸入開始!注目です!!







Cambridge Audio からEdge M Monoblock Power Amplifiers 登場!!

海外ニュース速報 [World] 新製品速報

Cambridge Audio
Edge M Monoblock Power Amplifier

Fully balanced from input to output – free from noise and distortion.
Hand picked components – hours of listening to select only those that sound the best.
Twin Toroidal Transformers – huge reserves of power for consistent tonality.
Cambridge Audio proprietary Class XA Amplification – no audible crossover distortion.
Perfect partners – pair two Edge Ms with the Edge NQ to create your perfect system.

Rediscover Music with Edge
Our most refined monoblock power amplifier, The Edge M offers the same rhythmic coherence and depth of image as the rest of the Edge range, but with the power in reserve to drive even the most demanding of speakers.

The power to deliver.
A pair of Edge M Monoblock Power Amplifiers have the power in reserve to drive even the most demanding of speakers with punch and clarity. Because each Edge M is fully balanced from input to output, they are immune from noisy distortion and free to deliver your music exactly as the artist intended – nothing added, nothing taken away – whatever the volume.

Muscle with finesse.
As powerful as a pair of Edge M amplifiers can be, they remain remarkably detailed. The sound is finely balanced with a depth and clarity that comes through with every note. We developed the whole Edge system by carefully listening to each component and only choosing the ones that blew us away. Nothing was picked on price or specs. The end result is a power amplifier that brings the original recording to life in truly spectacular fashion.

Short and sweet
Although minimal in its exterior design, Edge M has some complex audio engineering inside. To remove the barriers between you and your music, we have worked hard to minimise the number of components in the signal path.

As a result, Edge M delivers a more faithful reproduction of the original recording; an impressively detailed three-dimensional sound, with striking staging and focus.

More musical detail
We pioneered the use of toroidal transformers in amplifiers, which led to improved performance. In Edge we take this one step further, using opposing symmetry twin toroidal transformers. This cancels out electromagnetic interference whilst offering outstanding power and maintaining consistent tonality, no matter how loud it’s played.

Effortless power without distortion
Using standard Class A amplifier technology wasn’t going to be efficient enough for Edge M. Instead we added a bias voltage to a traditional Class AB design, reducing distortion to inaudible levels. This unique configuration also produces less heat and makes the whole system much more effective.

Edge M
Perfect partners
Edge systems are designed to work in perfect synchronisation. Match a pair of Edge Ms with our most versatile Preamplifier Network Player, Edge NQ, to create a hi-fi system with a sound, and a look, unlike anything else.

The details
・CONTINUOUS POWER OUTPUT (<1% THD+N): 200W RMS into 8 Ohms, 350W RMS into 4 Ohms
・THD (UNWEIGHTED): <0.002% 1kHz at rated power (8 Ohms) <0.02% 20Hz – 20kHz at rated power (8 Ohms)
・FREQUENCY RESPONSE (INTO 8 OHM): <3Hz – >80kHz +/-1dB
・S/N RATIO (REF 1W INTO 8 OHM) : 93 dB
・GAIN: 28dB (RCA)/ 22dB (XLR)
・INPUT IMPEDANCES: balanced 100k Ohm, unbalanced 47k Ohm
・INPUTS:Balanced, Unbalanced
・OUTPUTS: Speaker out, Loop out (balanced and unbalanced)
・DIMENSIONS: 150 x 460 x 405mm (5.9 x 18.1 x 15.9″)
・WEIGHT: 23.6kg (52.0lbs)
・BOX CONTENTS  EDGE M Monoblock Power Amplifier, Power Cable, Link Cable, Instruction Manual

Dynaudioから Heritage Special 登場!!2500ペア限定

海外ニュース速報 [World] 新製品速報

Dynaudio Heritage Special
2500 pair in limited edition
American Walnut finish
Esotar 3 tweeter

Hand-built in our factory in Skanderborg, Denmark, from beginning to end. Each pair of Heritage Special is individually matched, individually numbered and individually inspected.

Classic Dynaudio technology
Magnesium Silicate Polymer mid/bass units, aluminium internal-magnet voice-coils, soft-dome Esotar 3 tweeters, first-order crossovers and more… brought right up to date.

Refined in Jupiter
‘Heritage’ needn’t mean ‘outdated’. We’ve used our state-of-the-art, 13 x 13 x 13m Jupiter measuring array to help tune Heritage Special. (Make no mistake, if we had it back in the 80s, we’d’ve used it then, too.)

Limited to 2500 pairs
Once they’re gone, they’re gone. And if you’re lucky enough to own a pair, you’ll be owning an exclusive piece of Dynaudio history.

Technical specifications
Sensitivity: 85dB (2.83V/1m)
IEC power handling: 200W
Impedance: 4 Ω
Frequency response (± 3 dB): 42Hz–23kHz
Box principle: Bass reflex rear ported
Crossover: 2-way
Crossover frequency: 2200 Hz
Crossover topology: 1st order
Woofer: 18cm MSP cone
Tweeter: 28mm Esotar 3
Weight: 11 kg/24 1/4 lb
Dimensions (W x H x D): 208 x 385 x 320 mm
Dimensions with feet/grille (W x H x D): 208 x 385 x 337 mm

‘Heritage Special’ isn’t just a name. It’s a salute to traditional high-performance Danish audio design. And each of the 2500 limited-edition pairs is unique.
Listen to craftsmanship. Listen to real wood. Listen to state-of-the-art, hand-built tweeters and woofers. To more than 2000 hours of devoted R&D. To the depths of your record collection. Listen to what you love.
Heritage Special is brimming with the spirit (and flødebolle-fulled boldness) that made the Dynaudio name – plus some new surprises. Run your fingers over the hand-finished American Walnut finish. Discover the meticulously crafted joins and corners of the individually selected – and individually matched ­– veneer panels. Pause at the signature groove surrounding the baffle (you’ll remember it from the Dynaudio speakers you coveted years ago).
And then put the top-of-the-line Esotar 3 tweeter and souped-up Evidence woofer through their paces with something that’ll rock your socks off.
We made Heritage Special for you.

Made in Denmark
It’s a tribute to some of our most legendary bookshelf speakers. Get up-close and personal, and you’ll notice little design cues from classics including Crafft (1989) and Special Twenty-Five (2002). There’s a tip of the hat to the first Contour (1986). Even the backplate offers a knowing wink to Sapphire (2008).
Creating it was a labour of love… not to mention secrecy. Daniel Emonts and Otto Jørgensen, the masterminds behind the project, could often be seen in the Dynaudio Labs kitchen whispering, sotto voce, about things like “American Walnut”, “Mundorf” and “Martin over in the Danmarksvej factory”. (They stopped as soon as anyone from the marketing department came in.)
Heritage Special is limited-edition: 2500 pairs… and once they’re gone, they’re gone. When our production department found out what we were building, they were so excited that they demanded to make it from top to bottom, inside and out, at home in Denmark.
That’s why ‘Special’ isn’t a word we use lightly. Everything in these speakers, from the cabinets (made and finished in Skanderborg by Martin, Arkadijs, Mikkel and Malene), to the drivers (headed-up by Stine, also in Skanderborg) and the crossovers (designed by Daniel, also in Skanderborg and made by Holms Radiofabrik just down the road in Horsens) is crafted with that word in mind.

It’s hip to be square
This is where Heritage Special takes shape. Literally. It isn’t a photo-set, carefully dressed to look like a factory. It’s a factory, left as it is, with a finished Heritage Special left on the bench after Martin went home (he didn’t want us distracting him with cameras while he worked).
Martin has been with Dynaudio for 17 years. The cabinets he and his colleague Arkadijs produce are made right here. Each panel is matched – the fronts, sides, tops and bottoms to each other, and then between the speakers in the pair – and then numbered before assembly so they can be kept together.
Next, the list strips. These thin veneers along the cabinet edges are selected for the right colour tone and grain characteristics, then matched to each other (and between each speaker pair) and numbered to sit with the panels.
We use 19mm MDF for the cabinets (it’s a rigid, stable material that’s perfect for the kind of precision cutting and joining you’ll see here), and sustainable American Walnut for the external veneers. Internal bracing is installed to ensure the cabinet is as rigid as possible, and there’s also a layer of heavy bitumen on the inside surfaces that helps minimise unwanted resonances even more.
Once they’re glued and clamped, they’re left to dry. Then, 24 hours later, they’re given to Malene for sanding to perfect smoothness and flatness. By hand.
She makes it look easy.
It really, really isn’t.
Malene makes sure the surfaces are ready for Mikkel to lacquer. He applies two coats (returning them to Malene for another sanding after each one), before giving them the final finish. It’s a process we’ve perfected over the course of more than 40 years – and when you run your fingers over that surface, you’ll feel just how good we’ve got at it.
After being checked, lusted over by passing employees and given a goodbye salute, the cabinets are taken to have their drivers, crossovers and finishing touches applied.

Old’s cool
If you were to ask any Dynaudio speaker how it would want to be built, it would say “like this”. And then point to itself.
For Heritage Special, it was only natural to reach straight for the top shelf when it came to specifying its drivers.
Look closely at the tweeter. Dynaudio historians will notice the unmistakable shape of the legendary Esotar T330D soft-dome tweeter. That’s Special enough on its own – but if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing jaw-droppingly. So we’ve replaced the insides with the finest tweeter technology we’ve ever created: Esotar 3. You’ll also find it, along with its powerful neodymium magnet, larger rear chamber and resonance-defeating Hexis inner dome, in our top-of-the-line Confidence series.
Taking on mid/bass duties is something equally Special: the 18W75 XL Heritage Special MSP Woofer (sometimes it’s worth giving a component its full honorific). If you were truly eagle-eyed, you might remember its exponential cone design from the magnificent Evidence Platinum series. The difference is, we’ve taken it further: this driver has an improved voice coil (a classic internal-magnet design with aluminium windings, now on a glass-fibre former); magnet system (a hybrid design with both neodymium and ferrite magnets for even greater flux control); and spider (Nomex, as seen on Confidence and Contour i).
The crossover is really quite something. Senior acoustic designer Daniel Emonts went back to basics and came up with a bespoke first-order topology, then demanded it be endowed with the finest components our friends at Mundorf in Germany could supply. Key parts are custom-built to our exacting standards, and Mundorf’s legendary Evo Oil capacitors are used in the critical signal path. There’s also local impedance-correction on board for each individual tweeter and woofer, as well as time-alignment technology, to make for a silky-smooth transition between drivers.
If you were to take the speaker apart, you’d also discover 12 AWG internal wiring by Van den Hul, and Swedish-made polyester damping material. (But you’ll just have to take our word for that; please don’t disassemble your new Heritage Special speakers.)
On the brushed aluminium back-plate you’ll see top-of-the-range WBT 710 Cu mC NextGen terminals – yet another premium detail for you to marvel at. And when you plug in your cables… well, we’d be surprised if you didn’t do it two or three times more just because it feels and sounds so nice.
Finally – of course – there’s also your individual pair number. (We’re being selfish and keeping number 0001 for ourselves.)

Listen with heart
Sometimes you buy A Thing with your head. You have very logical reasons, and the results are entirely predictable based on the circumstances that Thing finds itself in.
Sometimes, though, you buy with your heart. Logic be damned.
And the results are… well… Special.

ミュンヘンハイエンドショウ2021 日程変更へ



EARから300B搭載パワーアンプ EAR300B 登場!!


パワーアンプ EAR300B



ESOTERICから K-01XD Black Edition K-03XD Black Edition 登場!!!


エソテリック株式会社(本社:東京都多摩市、代表取締役社長 大島洋)は、Kシリーズ発売10年周年を記念し、Super Audio CD/CDプレーヤー『K-01XD』と『K-03XD』のブラックエディションをそれぞれ全世界に限定50台で販売開始致します。

Super Audio CD/CDプレーヤーK-01XD Black Edition1,750,000円(税別)2020年12月25日
Super Audio CD/CDプレーヤーK-03XD Black Edition1,100,000円(税別)2020年12月25日

FOCALから Aria 936 K2 – Limited Edition 登場!!


FOCA Aria 936 K2 – Limited Edition

・Aria K2 936 is a revamped and unique edition of the flagship model from the Aria line: Aria 936.
・The iconic K2 Power cone replaces the Flax cone in the speaker drivers.
・Ash Grey premium finish from the Utopia line


Designed, developed and made in France at the Focal workshops, Aria K2 936 is a revamped and unique edition of the flagship model from the Aria line: Aria 936.
The iconic K2 Power cone replaces the Flax cone in the speaker drivers. Manufactured by the Focal teams, this aramid fibre cone delivers a dynamic, powerful sound, in addition to giving Aria K2 936 exceptional character. In a stereo installation, the listening experience speaks for itself, whatever genre of music you like to play. Alongside its impressive performance, the model boasts a modern design, enhanced by the Ash Grey premium finish from the Utopia line and a front panel adorned with an elegant leather effect.
Aria K2 936 enhances the pleasure of new listening experiences, with assertive and inimitable style.

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