GOLDMUNDから、「 Metis Life UST Projector 」登場!!

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Goldmund Metis Life UST (Ultra Short Throw) projector.

WilsonAudio、「 Alexia Series 2 」プレスリリースを発表!!

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Alexia Series 2 Press Release



Dynaudio、「 Special Forty 」国内登場!!

国内ニュース速報 [Japan] 新製品速報

メーカー希望小売価格 450,000円 税別/ペア


NAGRAから、「 HD Preamp 」登場!!

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World announcement of the NAGRA HD PREAMP, twenty years after the NAGRA PL-P preamplifier was released on to the high-end market.

In 1997, NAGRA introduced its very first high-end consumer product after more than 40 years of continuous success in the professional recording market. The PL-P preamplifier was a class A triode-based line and phono preamplifier that immediately set new standards in sound reproduction. It became a reference all over the world and received awards from Stereophile (USA) and Stereo Sound (Japan) magazines among many others.

In Munich, Audio Technology Switzerland, the company that designs and builds Nagra electronics, unveils its NAGRA HD PREAMP project. The HD PREAMP has been created as a perfect partner for the HD DAC and HD AMP.
In many respects, the HD PREAMP’s design started from a blank page. Every aspect and step in the design process involved research to find the most elegant solution to accurately and faithfully convey the music from the source to the amplifier. As a result, the HD PREAMP – also a tube design  – includes several patent-pending technologies that take the music listening experience to new heights.

Nagra’s unique approach to designing audio products draws on 65 years of experience in the field, a large and skilled R&D group as well as extensive listening sessions. This frequently results in a very organic and natural sound. The unit is tube based, dual-mono, with separate super-cap power supply. It features high end custom made components as well as Nagra in-house audio transformers.

As a tribute to Nagra legendary recorders and PL-P preamplifier, the HD PREAMP will feature the mythical modulometer (see picture). The modulometer is a custom made measuring unit that differs from traditional Vu-meter, as modulometers are faster and more accurate.

As is to be expected with such high-quality electronics, the sophisticated power supply will be located in a separate chassis. Like the audio circuit, it uses ultra-high quality components that are specified for extreme applications. Just as the PL-P made use of batteries to isolate the unit from external interferences, the HD PREAMP’s power supply uses a unique virtual battery technology – built around super-caps – that provides superior results compared to a conventional battery without the inconvenience of dealing with charging time and battery life. Consequently, the noise floor level at the preamplifier reaches uncharted territories; it is the lowest ever measured on a NAGRA product. (See picture attached).

The HD PREAMP’s chassis construction and power supply ensures that the unit is free from the influence of external disturbances (vibration and electrical interference) and will drastically reduce mechanical resonances. As a result, the HD PREAMP promises to set new standards for preamplification as did the PL-P twenty years ago.
The NAGRA HD PREAMP is due for release in fall 2017.
The NAGRA HD Experience

The HD DAC is the purest interface from the digital world to audio excellence thanks to its state-of-the-art design combining high resolution DSD conversion and Nagra‘s 65 years of experience as a world-leader in audio technologies. Its digital circuits were developed in association with Andreas Koch, the pioneering engineer of the DSD format. The Nagra HD DAC has received numerous awards and is considered to be the “most analog sounding” converter in the world. It is used by demanding audiophiles as well as mastering studios.

The Nagra HD AMP has just received the prestigious Grand Prix award by the renowned Japanese magazine Stereo Sound.

Nagra HD AMP mono power amplifiers are the result of a 5-year R&D project that has allowed Nagra to redefine what ultimate amplification should be. This prestigious piece of electronics brings the transparency, accuracy and musicality associated with the NAGRA brand to more powerful amplifiers for filling large rooms and driving demanding speakers. The HD AMP is designed around a bigger, all-new chassis. It features a massive linear power supply built around a 1600 VA transformer, a dual Pi filter with a 264 mF capacitive filtering bank featuring custom-made Mundorf capacitors and the power stage is built on precisely matched clusters of power MOSFETs that deliver 250 W rms on 8 Ohms and 1000 W rms on 2 Ohms. It is worth noting that few manufacturers provide conservative measurements that are true rms.


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・4 Transformers, 10 Regulation Lines

OCTAVEから、「 V16 single ended 」ヘッドフォンアンプ登場!!

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V16 single ended


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dCS Vivaldi One 日本国内限定数10台!!7月発売予定。

国内ニュース速報 [Japan] 新製品速報

dCS Vivaldi One 日本国内限定数10台

8,120,000円:White/Black Paint(税別価格)特別仕上げ、グロスホワイト、ピアノブラック
12,000,000円:24K Gold Plated(税別価格)特別仕上げ、24K ゴールド仕上げ








Burmesterから、40th anniversary 「 175 turntable 」登場!!

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Burmester 40th anniversary turntable 175

・Full record-playing package that includes arm, cartridge, power supply and phono stage
・Four drive motors. These AC motors are positioned around the sub-platter and use multiple belts to ensure an even pull on the main bearing as well as a rapid start-up.
・The tonearm:Nine-inch unit ( arm tube : mixture of carbon and aluminium)
・Bearing:hybrid of steel and ceramic.
・The Burmester cartridge
・Internal phono stage


GOLDMUND、「 Telos5500 」を公開。

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すでに発表されていましたがGOLDMUND Telos5500がミュンヘンハイエンドにて公開されています。

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