MSB、「 Reference DAC 」を正式発表!!

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The MSB Reference DAC.
All new DAC starting at $39,900. The Select technology scaled down into a sleek modern chassis.

MSBから、「 Reference DAC 」登場!!!

海外ニュース速報 [World] 新製品速報

MSB Reference DAC
40.000 EUR

Two box digital to analog converter (modules, separate power supply)


Kimber Kableから、「 AXIOS-USB 」USBケーブル登場!!


Kimber Kable AXIOS-USB
connectors available: USB-C, USB-A, USB-B, USB-Micro

Vividaudioから、「 GIYA S2 」登場!!

海外ニュース速報 [World] 国内ニュース速報 [Japan]

GIYA G1 SPIRIT \9,000,000/pair(税別)
GIYA G1 S2 \7,900,000/pair(税別)
GIYA G2 S2 \5,600,000/pair(税別)
GIYA G3 S2 \4,200,000/pair(税別)
GIYA G4 S2 \3,300,000/pair(税別)




LINNから、Katalyst技術搭載 新「 KLIMAX 350 」スピーカー登場!!

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Klimax 350
The ultimate intelligent loudspeaker
Taking a digital signal as their input, the Klimax 350 ensures zero transmission loss from the source. Then our Katalyst DAC Architecture retrieves the maximum amount of musical information from this digital signal.

Exakt technology ensures our most natural sound ever, by aligning all the musical frequencies to arrive at your ear at the same time, exactly the way real musical instruments are experienced.

Because you’d expect the same incredible performance at all volume levels, the Klimax 350’s Dynamik power supply delivers 3000 W with speed and precision.

And while every room has its own effect on your music, Klimax 350 utilises our patented Space Optimisation technology to optimise performance based on the acoustic properties of your room and your desired speaker placement.

The result is the ultimate listening experience.


•Ultra-low resonance, pressure-formed cabinet
•Exakt technology built in
•Connects via Exakt Link to any Exakt-enabled Linn network music player
•6 channels of amplification per speaker
•In-house Katalyst DAC Architecture
•Patented Linn 3K Driver Array
•Aktiv Servo-Driven Bass system
•3000 W of power amplification per speaker
•Standard and high gloss real wood veneer or bespoke colour finishes
•A choice of chrome or black finish on the 3K array


GOLDMUNDから、NextGenシリーズ続々登場!!「 Mimesis 22H NextGen 」「 Telos 1000 NextGen 」登場!!

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The Goldmund Mimesis 22H NextGen – Pre amp *22Hより筺体が大型化しています
The Goldmund Telos 1000 NextGen – Mono power amp
The Goldmund Telos 590 Nextgen – Integrated amp. Includes Analogue, Digital,Optical and USB inputs

CHORDから、フルサイズコンポ向け「 Solid black acrylic side panel 」登場!!

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New solid black acrylic side panel launches across our upper ranges

We’re delighted to announce a new styling alternative for our full-size component ranges, Reference and Chord. All double- and quad-height products* in our two upper ranges can now be ordered with high-quality solid black acrylic side panels as an alternative to our traditional Integra Leg System, at no additional cost. Our single-height products** will also be available with the new side panels later in 2017.

The side panels are precision-machined from solid black acrylic and then machine-polished to a piano black finish, offering a softer look which reflects home décor. Compatible products can also be retro-fitted with the panels as a chargeable factory upgrade — please consult your local dealer for pricing.

*The following models can be ordered now with the solid black acrylic side panel options:
CD playback: Red Reference Mk III; Integrated amplifiers: CPM 2650; CPM 3350 and CPM 2800 MKII (with DAC); Preamps: CPA 5000 and CPA 8000; Power amps (mono): SPM 1400 MK II; SPM 6000 MK II and SPM 14000 MK II; Power amps (stereo): SPM 1200 MK II and SPM 1050 MK II

**The following models will be available later in 2017 with the side panel options:
Streaming: DSX 1000; Preamps: CPA 2500 and CPA 3000; Power amps (stereo): SPM 650

SAT(Swedish Analog Technologies)、トーンアームをマイナーチェンジ・新「 Record Weight 」登場!!

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Arms being built with the new top bearing clamping feature.


We have just finished a small batch of the new SAT Record Weight. Designed to match the SAT Pickup Arm and clear the headshell when the stylus reaches the lead-out groove.
It can also be used with other arms in turntables with threaded and non-threaded spindle.

MAGICOから、Sシリーズ用インシュレータ「 SPod 」登場!!

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Boulderから、フラグシッププリアンプ「 3010 」登場!!

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