Nagra Anniversary Reference Turntable 正式発表!! $175,000 70周年記念 70台限定


Nagra Anniversary Reference Turntable
70周年記念 70台限定

Massive and precise dual motor drive system

Belt transmission inspired by the legendary Nagra IV series of reel to reel

Exclusive aerospace material platter

Non-resonant chassis

Floating mechanical and hydraulic suspension

Watchmaker style caliber with special finishes

“Skeleton” watch style transparent methacrylate top surface revealing the drive system’s workings and watchmaker finishes

Pure copper record weight

Dual concentric carbon fiber tonearm

Uni-pivot tonearm with unique geometrical bearing shape

Unique no-contact magnetic anti-skating

Camera lens-like “on the fly” adjustable VTA

Custom silver monocrystal tonearm wiring

External and internal super-cap modules

Full chassis power supply as found in the HD range

Personalized engraved name plate including number within the 70 unit number sequence

The Reference Anniversary turntable was designed as a system. This means that the turntable and its tonearm were designed to work from the “ground up” as a unified playback system. Careful consideration was given to the development of a tonearm with performance capabilities commensurate with the turntable itself.

Dimensions:W x D = 661 mm x 451 mm (26 inches x 17.7 inches)
Weight = ~80 kg (~176 lbs.)


Nagra announces it is celebrating its 70th anniversary in style with a limited edition turntable. The Reference Anniversary turntable is the product of a years long, major research and development project that has been kept under wraps until this past summer.

In 1951, our founder Stefan Kudelski invented the first portable recorder, simply called the Nagra I. Nagra comes from a Polish word that means “it is recording”. The Nagra I was followed by an impressive trail of game-changing products that revolutionized the face of sound recording. Its impact has been tremendous in the field of art, science, ethnology. It changed the way we capture sound and brought a soundtrack to the world, making recordings where before nothing was ever captured.

Nagra recorders have been used to record sound all around the world and even beyond, with NASA in the Apollo space program. This long tradition of excellence has been perpetuated for generations. And since 1998, Nagra has been synonymous with sound reproduction at home for demanding music and Hi- Fi lovers.

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Nagra I, the company designed a very special product that sets new standards in black disk reproduction.

The Nagra I and Nagra II made use of a Thorens spring winding mechanism to rotate the reels and the capstan. Electronics were used for signal recording and playback in this ground-breaking portable recorder. So Nagra early recorders share a common root with turntables. During the golden age of analog, the idea to make a Nagra turntable was often discussed. Stefan Kudelski even filed a patent in 1972 for a special tonearm tracking system.

While often contemplated, it was not until four years ago that the design and engineering of a turntable befitting the name Nagra began. Working as a team, Nagra’s staff of extremely talented designers and engineers relentlessly pursued perfection in the fields of applied physics, mechanical and electronic engineering, as well as material science. Four years later, after hundreds upon hundreds of scientific team hours, accompanied by exhaustive listening tests, the result is a turntable which extends the current edge of the arts. It is a first step in a return to our legacy of analog mechanical reproduction and will be followed by more projects to be announced in 2022.

The Reference Anniversary turntable is an analog product governed by immutable laws of physics and mechanics, very much like Nagra legendary reel to reel recorders. As such, it is not subject to the rapidly progressing and ever-changing developments of the digital domain. This means that the Anniversary turntable will remain technologically relevant for generations. For many it will be a last turntable purchase and a product which is proudly passed down from generation to generation, just like many Nagra III recorders from the 50’s, which are still in active use today, the Nagra Reference Anniversary turntable is a product for life.

Offered as a very limited edition of 70 units, each of which includes “in home” set up and dial-in by Nagra factory specialists, invitation to visit Nagra factory for a VIP tour and exclusive accessories.



1951年、当社の創業者であるステファン・クーデルスキは、最初のポータブルレコーダーを発明しました。Nagra I “の後には、サウンド・レコーディングの概念を変えるような製品が次々と開発されました。その影響は、芸術、科学、民族学の分野で非常に大きなものでした。音を捕らえる方法を変え、世界にサウンドトラックをもたらし、以前は何も捕らえられなかった場所で録音を行いました。


Nagra Iの70周年を記念して、同社はブラックディスク再生の新たな基準となる非常に特別な製品をデザインしました。





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