PIEGA から Ace Serie 登場


PIEGA Ace Serie

ACE 50 Floorstanding loudspeaker
ACE 30 Bookshelf Compact loudspeaker
ACE Center Center loudspeaker

For the Ace series, we rely on the very proven AMT-1 Air Motion Transformer ribbon tweeter, which PIEGA helped to design. With its extremely light, 24 x 36 mm diaphragm and the powerful neodymium magnetic drive, the tweeter ensures an airy and detailed sound. It also ensures excellent impulse fidelity with minimal distortion and continues to set standards in its price range.

The “MDS” cone drivers, also developed by PIEGA, have been revised, optimized and adapted to the housing requirements.

The result is shown by an impressively powerful, tight and deep bass reproduction combined with clear, natural voice reproduction.

The subtle aesthetics of the three Ace loudspeakers came from the pen of Swiss designer Stephan Hürlemann. The new series is characterized by its particularly slim and timeless aluminum housing. The rounded design to the baffle ensures optimal sound and prevents acoustically disruptive resonances inside.

The individual loudspeaker parts flow into each other so that the top part sits almost seamlessly on the profile and the front grille arches backwards to the side. In this way, the shape and body of the loudspeaker merge to create a harmonious overall picture that fits discreetly into any living space.

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