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Mytek Introduces New Brooklyn DAC+ With Upgraded Performance; Now Shipping: Brooklyn AMP, Plus Optional Phono and Roon Cards for Manhattan II


2017 RMAF, October 6, 2017Mytek, manufacturer of professional ADC/DACs and consumer DACs, unveiled at RMAF 2017 a brand new model of the highly-acclaimed Brooklyn DSD/MQA DAC, the Brooklyn DAC+.

Brooklyn DAC+, priced at $2,195, features redesigned and enhanced conversion, analog and power supply circuits, resulting in overall improved sound quality. Improvements include the new Sabre 9028PRO DAC chipset for enhanced resolution and better digital filter options, upgraded headphone amplifier, better L/R separation, larger capacity power supply and new, very transparent analog attenuator circuit.

All these quality improvements result in even more convincing digital PCM, DSD and MQA playback and streaming as well as state of the art M/C, M/M Phono musical experience. The Brooklyn DAC+’s new headphone circuitry performance challenges many dedicated headphone amplifiers.

A lot of praises were written about the Brooklyn DAC, which has sold many thousands of units since the launch of MQA. The new Brooklyn DAC+ provides users with benefits of the newest conversion technologies, while retaining the amazing versatility and affordability that the original Brooklyn DAC has been praised for.

Shipments of the Brooklyn DAC+ start Oct. 16th, 2017.


Mytek’s new Brooklyn AMP, the world’s smallest dual-mono 300W power amplifier, is now shipping in quantity. Priced at only $1,995, the Brooklyn AMP “delivers unbelievably analog-like, triode-type sound,” according to Mytek president and chief engineer Michal Jurewicz.

Mytek’s engineering team have used their extensive DSD experience to get the Brooklyn AMP dual mono Class-D circuit design sounding better than other comparable Class-D designs to date. The Brooklyn AMP is compact, yet delivers deep and powerful tight bass, natural mids and silky, smooth highs.


Several additional features include monoblock bridge operation, biamp operation and a 12VDC power trigger. The sculpted chassis design integrates perfectly with the Brooklyn MQA/DSD DAC and Brooklyn MQA/DSD DAC+ for a great sounding compact electronics setup capable of playing digital music or vinyl into a set of speakers and headphones.

The Brooklyn AMP and Brooklyn DAC are also available together at the special introductory “bundle price” of $3,595. Weight is a mere 6 lbs./3kg.

Mytek is also now shipping their long-awaited optional Phono and Roon cards for the Manhattan II DAC.


Optional Precision Phono Analog Preamp Card: High End M/M, M/C Phono Preamplifier with custom nickel core step up transformer, relay switchable and tunable. Input impedances, transformer ratio, RIAA curves and choice of gain can be changed within the menu or using the remote via relay switches.

Optional “Roon Ready” Network Card: Turns the Manhattan II into a network streamer with 24/192k and DSD64 maximum throughput. Compatible w/Roon, DLNA/UpnP. ▼

Both are user-installable, and priced at $1,495 for the Phono card, and $995 for the Roon card.

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