SPECTRALから、「 DMA-500 」40周年記念モノラルパワーアンプ登場!!

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Spectral Audio, established in 1977, is celebrating 40 years of activity this year with the introduction of something very special; the all new Spectral Dma 500 Anniversary Mono Reference Amplifier.
40 years of operation is a major achievement considering that Spectral production has maintained a steady commercial success over the years and that the brand enjoys decades of utmost esteem and appreciation by every enthusiast. It can be said that today, as before, Spectral represents, for countless audiophiles, the ultimate point of arrival and the crowning of the dream of a lifetime.

This important anniversary is celebrated with the simultaneous release of a new mono reference ending called DMA500 Reference Anniversary created by Keith Johnsons and new top of the range.

The new mono finale is produced on the basis of 36 years of development developed by Spectral for the most ambitious design. The DMA-500 RA reflects years of research-based investment for the creation of next-generation amplifiers and to celebrate our first 40 years in the field of engineering and research for the production of high-speed audio.

In 2011 Spectral introduced the DMA-400 standard reference mono amplifier , the first of our Master components. Since then, the DMA-400 has become one of Spectral’s most famous products, gaining a worldwide reputation in the field of high-performance amplification of the most sophisticated music systems. When the DMA400 project was completed for production, manufacturers continued their search for an even more ambitious project with “ultimate” performance for the 40-year anniversary target.

The T40 amplification is designed to incorporate the most advanced technologies yet unavailable for the DMA-400, which includes our advanced SV semiconductor technology developed for RS preamplifiers. Over the last 5 years, Spectral engineers have created the SV SHHA amplifier driver that uses a patented personal circuitry and followed the T40 amplification program through which the DMA-500 mono Anniversary Reference power amplifier was produced.

Fundamental innovation of the DMA-500 AR power amplifier is the implementation of advanced SV technology for high-speed circuits. SV technology is based on dedicated semiconductor devices designed to critically evaluate the locations circuits of our high-speed RF amplifiers. Specialized circuits radically reduce transient distortions and eliminate the “thermal-tail” memory effects.

On the DMA-500, a new driver topology with semiconductor SV technology is successfully used. The new DMA-500 G2 SHHA drivers reach the double slew rate and risetime value measured on the original SHHA amplifier drivers installed on the DMA-400. The result is an even faster signal response with the lowest distortion rate so far recorded in the field of power audio amplification.

The DMA-500 Anniversary Reference incorporates for the first time the new SV amplification technology. This brings the listener to a music experience completely immersed in exquisite clarity with unmatched realism and accuracy. We believe the DMA-500 delivers uncompromising listening experience as customers expect, and brilliantly reflects the high-level ambitions of Spectral Audio.
Fourth generation high resolution the state of art

design amplifier

High-speed circuit architecture

RE Precision Structure

Focused High Speed ​​Array with Led Output Section

Modules 2 SHHA high speed hybrids with SV technology and custom topology semiconductors

Power Vault Power Flow Control System

New generation of vertical mosfet output transistors with innovative servo-bias tracking systems

Multiple power matrix with independent power and adjustable bias for each output device

Optical and non-invasive thermal protection circuits

Fully balanced discrete and operational circuits

Circuit Board High current motherboard with copper mass technology

Modular construction with connectors for pro instruments

Passive components of extreme precision customized with teflon films

Ultra low distortion with the precision of one part per million
Output power (continued):

@ 8 ohm – 350 Watt RMS

@ 4 ohm – 540 Watt RMS

@ 2 ohnis – 750 Watt RMS

Output Current: 90 Amps Peak

Frequency Response: ± 0.1 dB, DC -150 KHz

± 1 dB, DC – 1 MHz

± 3 dB, DC – 1.8MHz

Static: More than 0.015% DC to 100 KHz,

typical: 0.009% © 350 W RMS / B ohm

8 cluster test tests 20 kHz

@ 500 hz separation

0.01% @ 8 ohms

0.015 @ 4 ohms

Rise time: Less than 225 nanoseconds

Settiing: 28 microseconds to O sign noise

5lew rate: 1200 volts / microsecond

Signal Noise: 108 dB ASA / A entrance

Impedance: 10K ohm

Sensitivity: 1.5 volt / rated output

Power supply: voltage line: 100 volt, 120 volt, 220 volts (internal wiring / factory)

AC Voltage Range: ± 10%

Maximum power consumption: 2000 Watt

Standby Consumption: 115 Watts

Operating Temperature: 0 to +50 degrees Celsius
Protection features

Servo DC Protection: 0.5 volt range

Current limitation: 90 Amp

Thermal Threshold: 85 ° Celsius,

Main AC fuse: 5A / 3AG slo blo

Dimensions and weight: 50.8 cm x 18.4 cm x 49.9 cm)

Weight: 34 kg

Warranty: 3 years parts and labor

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