MSB TECHNOLOGY、「 Select DAC 」ソフトウェアを新バージョン1.5.1.5へアップデート。


MSB Technology is proud to release a new version of the Select DAC software that comes with an amazing improvement to the playback of 16bit-44.1kHz sources.  This update follows shortly after which brought improvements to high-resolution playback.  Already at the leading edge of digital to analog conversion, it is remarkable to see even further improvements in the legendary performance of the Select DAC.  This update is provided to all customers free of charge right now!  MSB is committed to keeping our customers product up to date with the most relevant formats and highest possible performance for the industry.  If you haven’t updated yet, we strongly encourage you to do so

Version has made improvements in the overall sound quality for all sample rates. It also provides optimal support for the MQA USB module. It is necessary to upgrade to this version if you have upgraded your USB module to the MQA version.

Select DAC II Firmware

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