Soulution 746+ SACD-Player Limited Edition登場!!20台限定。

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The soulution 746+ is the ultimate CD/SACD-Player for music lovers with highest expectations regarding musicality and precision of the music reproduction. The excellent 746 player unit gets combined with an ultimate, much more powerful external power supply and thus forms the 746+ SACD-Player. The anyway outstanding sonic qualities of the 746 player unit get emphasised even further. Much more than just a CD/SACD player it bridges the gap between the digital and the analogue worlds.

Production of this unique SACD-Player is limited to 20 units.

External power supply

The external power supply consists of three separate and electrically isolated sections, all complemented by multi-state filter network which keeps mutual interference across the three to a minimum. Key to any good sounding audio component is a stable and noise-free power supply – especially for the audio stages. For powering the analog stages an innovative, amplifier-like circuit design is used, providing an extremely stable supply voltage with ripple levels below 0.01µV. With more than 500’000 µFarad of storage capacitance it provides almost unlimited impulse current for the analog circuits. Bus bars supply this power throughout the unit without loss. A unique concept in the audio world, this allows the same high quality supply to be delivered to all parts of the 746+.

Power supplies for the digital and drive sections of the player are similarly highly specified and optimised for their respective functions, including accommodating any high current demands from the drive and its electronics.





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