LINN、今年も24-bit Studio Master楽曲データのクリスマスプレゼント企画を実施!!クリスマスまで毎日1曲無料ダウンロード可能。

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Enjoy a musical gift this Christmas, with love from Linn

As a special Christmas gift, we’re giving away a different, free 24-bit Studio Master track every day in December, until Christmas Eve.
Explore and expand your musical tastes with a host of award-winning recordings from a variety of genres and musicians.
There’s something for everyone to enjoy; from the multi-award winning, Scottish Chamber Orchestra, and Britain’s First Lady of Jazz, Claire Martin, to the punchy jazz-funk of drummer, Alyn Cosker and Linn’s favourite singer-songwriter, Emily Barker.
Each day we’ll also post an exciting new video, letting you discover the story behind every song.
Don’t forget to check each day to download a new track. By Christmas you’ll have an incredible playlist, with love from Linn.





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