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Exakt will be available in stand alone version for older speakers. Komri and Keltik for certain.
Signal from  Exakt KDSM to Exakt speakers along cat5 using proprietary Exakt link protocols. Its not ethernet.  Lossless, guaranteed delivery and ultra accurate clock sync.

CD12 jitter 41ps
KDSM jitter 11ps
Exakt jitter 6.3ps

・Exakt KDSM (Exakt Klimax DSM)
・Exakt Speakers

Exakt Tunebox
Tunebox version now for 350  Versions for Komri and Keltik in November.  Tunebox software updated through Konfig.  More Linn speakers catered for later.  Exakt Tunebox £13k

Inside The Box
In each speaker:
Exakt engine which includes digital crossover  DAC and amp per driver

Exakt Crossover Effects
Claiming 0dB crossover distortion (even current Klimax active crossover s have 4dB distortion).  By delaying techniques,  claiming 0 phase alignment problems.  Drive units measured at manufacturing time and Exakt is adjusted to compensate.
Dealer can programme Exakt speakers with room dimensions and speaker position to allow for room modes. Also allows for less than optimal positioning of speakers in the room.

Exakt Clock Sync
Individual clocks in the speakers.
1.8 nano seconds clock sync accuracy. This is equivalent to getting both speakers located to within 1/100th thickness of sheet of paper distance from the listening position.




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