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TIDALから La Assoluta 20th Anniversary Edition 登場!!

海外ニュース速報 [World] 新製品速報

La Assoluta 20th Anniversary Edition


La Assoluta Centerも登場

Boulderから 812 DAC Preamplifier 登場

海外ニュース速報 [World] 新製品速報

Boulder 812 DAC Preamplifier

Streaming capabilities, Roon Endpoint, UPnP playback
Premium built-in headphone amp
Two balanced analog inputs
Boulder control app for IOS and Android

Esotericから、「 Grandioso C1X 」登場!!

海外ニュース速報 [World] 国内ニュース速報 [Japan] 新製品速報

Grandioso C1X
3,500,000円(税別) 2020年8月20日



大容量トロイダルコア× 4、Rコア× 1の5トランス構成

最新の回路技術でGrandioso C1を完全リニューアル
ディスクリート回路と同じように自らパーツや回路を選定し、高音質を追求したESOTERIC独自の集積型アンプモジュール「Integrated Discrete-Amplifier Module IDM-01」をC1X専用に新開発。
独自の電流伝送方式「ES-LINK Analog」に対応した入力端子3系統、出力端子2系統※を装備。
※ 2020年7月現在、対応するパワーアンプは開発中です。

入力ゲイン調整:±18dB(0.1dBステップ)、L/Rバランス調整: ±6dB(0.1dBステップ)
両面にボタンを配し、Grandioso C1Xのほか、ESOTERIC製スーパーオーディオCDプレーヤー、ネットワークプレーヤー、DACの基本操作も可能なアルミ製高品位リモコン付属(RC-1334)

入力端子: XLR/ESL-A × 3系統、RCA × 2系統(切替式)
出力端子: XLR × 2系統、 ESL-A × 2系統
 本体: 445×132×449mm(突起部含む)
 電源: 445×132×452mm(突起部含む)
質量:本体: 20.2kg / 電源: 29kg

JBLから「 4349 studio monitor 」登場!!

海外ニュース速報 [World] 新製品速報

Designed and engineered in JBL’s world-famous acoustic engineering facility in Northridge, California, the 4349 Studio Monitor is a showcase of patented JBL acoustics technologies. This monitor loudspeaker features a 2-way design with patented High-Definition Imaging (HDI™) horn technology, the patented D2415K dual 1.5-inch (38mm) compression driver, and a 12-inch (300mm) cast-frame, Pure-pulp cone woofer for powerful dynamics and incredibly accurate sound reproduction.

JBL’s revolutionary High-Definition Imaging horn geometry is the result of intense research into the nuances of horn design. In search of exceptional high-frequency detail and uniform directivity for smooth in-room response, JBL engineers pioneered a design that delivers neutral frequency response both on- and off-axis and provides a seamless transition between the high and low frequency drivers.

The JBL D2415K compression driver benefits from the advanced research and applications derived from JBL Professional’s “D2” range of transducers. At the core of the D2415K device is a pair of lightweight, polymer, annular diaphragms that improve high-frequency extension by reducing diaphragm mass. The V-shaped geometry of the annular diaphragm reduces breakup modes, eliminating time smear and reducing distortion. The result is incredible dynamics with accurate reproduction and a lack of power compression. The “D” prefix indicates that this driver utilizes dual diaphragms, dual voice coils, and dual motors for an incredibly efficient design.

High-frequency and Ultra High-frequency tonal adjusters are located on the front panel below the horn and allow the sound to be tailored to the specific environment and listener preference. These controls work in conjunction with an advanced crossover network design that features air-core inductors, cast wire-wound resistors and low-ESR metallized film capacitors in a multi-cap configuration to optimize the performance of 4349 drive components. The multi-cap technique improves series capacitance by averaging their values while lowering ESR and distortion.

The 4349’s powerful 12-inch (300mm) woofer takes advantage of core JBL engineering techniques to ensure very high output with low distortion. The 3-inch (75mm) long-throw voice coil in conjunction with dual opposing spider dampers guarantee maximum output with significantly reduced distortion. A Pure-pulp cone provides a lightweight, rigid diaphragm and helps to eliminate breakup modes ensuring proper pistonic motion throughout the operating band.

The 4349 enclosure is heavily braced with 1-inch (25mm) thick walls to provide a solid acoustic foundation and incorporates a bass reflex design with dual front-firing, computer-optimized flared ports. The cabinet features a classic JBL studio monitor design with a blue baffle and is finished in a choice of Walnut or Black Walnut furniture-grade satin wood veneers. A blue (Walnut) or black (Black Walnut) cloth grille completes the elegant appearance. Dual sets of gold-plated binding posts provide a secure connection and offer a choice of single-ended or bi-wire/bi-amplified connections.

Highlights & Specs

Patented High-Definition Imaging (HDI™) horn, precision-molded in Sonoglass
Patented D2415K dual 1.5-inch (38mm) high-frequency compression driver
12-inch (300mm) cast frame, Pure-pulp cone woofer with 3-inch voice coil
Classic Studio Monitor design with premium finishes including satin Walnut wood veneer with blue grille or satin Black Walnut wood veneer with black grille

General Specifications

Type 2-way monitor loudspeaker
Low Frequency Driver 12″ (300mm) Pure Pulp cone woofer (JW300PG-8)
High Frequency Driver D2415K, 1.5-inch (37.9mm) annular ring, Teonex® diaphragm compression driver with advanced HDI™ geometry horn molded in Sonoglass
Recommended Amplifier Power 25 – 200 WRMS
Impedance 8 Ohm
Loudspeaker Sensitivity 91 dB/2.83V/1m
Frequency Response 32 Hz – 25 kHz (-6 dB)
Coverage Angle, -6 dB @ 20kHz 80 x 70 Degrees (Hor x Vert)
Coverage Angle, -6 dB @ 10kHz 100 x 100 Degrees (Hor x Vert)
Crossover Frequency 1.5 kHz
Enclosure Type V-braced front-ported cabinet
Grille Feature Monitor style to match horn mating features, supplied in dark blue (with walnut cabinet) and black (with black cabinet)
Controls HF and UHF tone controls
Input Type Dual sets of gold-plated binding posts with shorting straps
Warranty 5 Years
Matching stand JS-120
Product Weight 83 lb (37.7 kg)
Dimensions with grille 29″ H x 17.5″ W x 12.5″ D (736.6mm x 444.5mm x 317.5mm) Note

YG Acoustics、Yoav Geva氏が同社を離れることを発表。

海外ニュース速報 [World] 新製品速報

YG Acoustics, a world-leading ultra high-end speaker manufacturer located just outside of Denver, Colorado announces the departure of its founder, Yoav Geva.
Mr. Geva launched YG Acoustics in 2002 at age 24. Through the course of 15 years of innovation and hard work he cemented YG Acoustics as mainstay in the global ultra high-end speaker market.
In 2017 Mr. Geva sold YG Acoustics but remaind with the company in an engineering capacity. Under the leadership of CEO David Komatz, YG has expanded its worldwide reach and is now distributes to audiophiles and music lovers in nearly 50 countries.
YG continues to be an innovation firm and a precision manufacturer. In addition to its eight unique key technologies, YG has a roadmap of innovations which will appear in future product releases. Among things to look for are a line-up of more accessible speakers as well as advances in YG’s statement model Sonja XV. We can only tease at this time, but stay tuned for a truly unique paradigm shifting offering on the horizon.
All of us at YG Acoustics offer thanks and well wishes to Yoav.

コロラド州デンバー郊外にある世界有数の超高級スピーカーメーカー、YG Acousticsは、創業者のYoav Geva氏の退任を発表しました。
ゲバ氏は2002年に24歳でYG Acousticsを立ち上げました。15年間のイノベーションとハードワークを経て、彼はYG Acousticsを世界のウルトラハイエンドスピーカー市場の主力として確固たるものにしました。
2017年、Geva氏はYG Acousticsを売却しましたが、エンジニアリングの立場でYG Acousticsに残りました。CEOのDavid Komatz氏のリーダーシップの下、YGは世界的なリーチを拡大し、現在では約50カ国のオーディオマニアや音楽愛好家に販売しています。
YGはイノベーション企業であり、精密機器メーカーであり続けています。8つのユニークなキーテクノロジーに加えて、YGは今後の製品リリースに登場するイノベーションのロードマップを持っています。その中でも特に注目したいのは、より親しみやすいスピーカーのラインナップと、YGのステートメントモデルであるSonja XVの進化です。現時点ではまだお見せすることしかできませんが、本当にユニークなパラダイムシフトをもたらす製品にご期待ください。
YG Acousticsのスタッフ一同、Yoav氏に感謝の意を表します。


ATCから、Limited Edition SCM150ASLT LE Active Loudspeaker System 登場!!

海外ニュース速報 [World] 新製品速報

Limited Edition of just 22 pairs
UK retail price is £46,600 inc VAT.
Shipping Wednesday August 5th.

ATC loudspeaker Technology is proud to announce the availability of the SCM150ASLT, a luxurious marriage of world-class transducer and electronic design engineering, conceived to deliver extraordinary levels of clarity, neutrality, transient response and effortless power delivery.

The 3-way system comprises flawlessly engineered SCM150ASLT speaker towers incorporating the latest ATC designed and built drive unit technology, combined with an ATC P6 power amplifier. SCM150ASLT drivers including the new 25mm neodymium soft dome SH25-76S super dome tweeter, the 75mm soft dome SM75-150S super dome midrange and the SB75-375SL super linear bass driver are driven directly by the six dedicated channels of the P6 dual-mono, 3-way power amplifier, housed in an elliptical billet aluminium chassis, exquisitely machined and finished to complement the impeccable quality of the cabinets.

Manufactured to the highest standard by ATC’s own cabinet makers, weighing 116kg and at approximately 1.4m tall, each speaker enclosure is finished in selected European crown-cut walnut veneer with a high-gloss polyester lacquer, and detailed with a stainless steel badge, input panel and bespoke limited edition plinth, PVD treated to create an exclusive nickel-like appearance.

SCM150ASLT Speaker
Deploying proprietary drivers throughout, the 3-way system uses ATC’s new SH25-76S tweeter, featuring both upper and lower suspension for greater operational precision and lower distortion; the latest evolution of ATC’s signature soft dome midrange design, the SM75-150S, and the company’s low-distortion SB75-375SL Super Linear bass driver. Combined they deliver a response accuracy of ±2dB between 60Hz-17kHz and ±6dB from 25Hz to 22kHz across a wide horizontal dispersion and at a maximum SPL of 117dB. The rear-mounted input panel features a single LEMO aerospace-grade 10-pin connector.

P6 Power Amplifier
The P6 is a high-performance Class AB dual-mono power amplifier designed and built by ATC to provide dedicated amplification and optimally matched active crossovers for the SCM150ASLT. It features a total of 6 channels: 2x (200W LF, 100W MF, 50W HF) for a combined output power of 350W/side. Generating a signal-to-noise ratio of more than 105 decibels its ultra-low noise discrete design, paired with 3-way active crossovers with phase equalisation, offers clear and detailed audio reproduction. On the rear panel, professional L/R XLR inputs (from preamplifier/digital source) are joined by aerospace-grade LEMO multi-pin loudspeaker output connectors. Proprietary speaker cables are included with the system.

As is customary with ATC products the SCM150ASLT and P6 are covered by a six-year warranty.

Available to order immediately. Product built to order, earliest shipping Wednesday August 5th.

Recommended UK retail price is £46,600 inc VAT.


ATC SH25-76S (S-SPEC) Tweeter.
ATC SM75-150 S Soft Dome Mid driver.
Latest ATC 375mm SL Spec Bass driver.
Massive ATC motor assembly.
Wide, even dispersion for pin-point imaging.
6 year warranty.
Hand-selected European Crown Cut Walnut real wood veneer in high gloss finish.

This high-performance Class AB dual mono power amplifier has been designed to provide dedicated amplification and optimally matched active crossovers for the SCM150ASLT Limited Edition loudspeaker.


Dual-Mono 3-way design (total 6 channels).
2 x 350W total output power:
2x (200W LF, 100W MF, 50W HF).
Ultra low noise discrete design throughout.
3-way active crossovers with phase equalization.
Billet and extruded aluminium chassis construction.
6 year warranty.


海外ニュース速報 [World] 新製品速報

The M9 – A Revelatory New Flagship Loudspeaker

Hayward, CA, June 2020 – A summation of our no-holds-barred assault on the limits of dynamic loudspeaker design, the new Magico M9 establishes new benchmarks in musicality, transparency and fidelity. This four-way, six-driver floor standing system features the world’s first loudspeaker enclosure to combine inner and outer skins of carbon fiber with a revolutionary aluminum honeycomb core. Included with the M9 is a state-of-the-art analog outboard active crossover, the MXO. Designed in-house, this carefully crafted unit handles bass/midbass frequency separation. In addition, the M9 benefits from our latest generation of Nano-Tec speaker cones, featuring Aluminum honeycomb cores. The result is a revelation, a loudspeaker that can present intense crescendos with unconstrained power, yet reproduce the most delicate musical passages with transparency and stunning microdynamic detail.

カリフォルニア州ヘイワード、2020年6月 – ダイナミックなラウドスピーカーデザインの限界に挑戦する私たちの挑戦の集大成として、新しいMagico M9は、音楽性、透明性、忠実度において新たなベンチマークを確立しました。この4ウェイ6ドライバーのフロアスタンディングシステムは、カーボンファイバーの内側と外側のスキンと革新的なアルミニウムハニカムコアを組み合わせた世界初のラウドスピーカーエンクロージャーを搭載しています。M9には、最新のアナログ・アウトボード・アクティブ・クロスオーバー、MXOが付属しています。社内で設計されたこのユニットは、低域/中域の周波数セパレーションを丁寧に処理します。さらに、M9にはアルミハニカムコアを採用した最新世代のナノテック・スピーカーコーンを採用。その結果、パワーに制約のない強烈なクレッシェンドを提示しながらも、最も繊細な音楽のパッセージを透明感と驚くほどの微動的なディテールで再現することができるラウドスピーカーが誕生しました。

Carbon fiber enclosure with Aluminum honeycomb core

From the very outset, we’ve known that the loudspeaker enclosure must enable sound to pass through completely, without “singing along” with the music. Controlling cabinet vibration without storing energy remains one of the greatest challenges in loudspeaker design. Our quest for the ultimate in enclosures has driven us to pursue the latest in materials science, computerized modeling and meticulous assembly. The M9 represents a new milestone in that journey: the world’s first loudspeaker enclosure with carbon fiber inner and outer skins over an aluminum honeycomb core. This technology reduces overall weight yet doubles the structural stiffness.

The enclosure also incorporates our latest application of constrained layer damping using aerospace composites, plus familiar features of Magico construction including a baffle board of 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum and front-to-back tensioning rods. Through many rounds of Finite Element Analysis modeling, we fine-tuned the enclosure design to suppress resonances and any possibility of stored energy. We also calibrated the organic shape of the enclosure and machined the front baffle to reduce diffraction effects to near zero. Sound waves from the drivers propagate without obstruction. You can hear the difference. The resulting soundfield replicates that of the recording space. Even though the M9 has a commanding physical presence, in sonic terms, it completely vanishes.



このエンクロージャーには、航空宇宙用複合材を使用した拘束層ダンピングの最新技術が採用されているほか、6061 T6航空機用アルミニウム製のバッフルボードや前後のテンションロッドなど、Magicoの構造のお馴染みの特徴も取り入れられています。何度も繰り返される有限要素解析モデリングを通じて、共振や蓄積されたエネルギーの可能性を抑制するためにエンクロージャーの設計を微調整しました。また、エンクロージャーの有機的な形状を校正し、回折の影響をゼロに近づけるためにフロントバッフルを機械加工しました。ドライバーからの音波は障害物なく伝搬します。その違いがお分かりいただけるでしょう。その音場は録音空間の音場を再現しています。M9は物理的な存在感を持っていますが、音的には完全に消えてしまいます。

New beryllium-diamond dome tweeter

Magico has long recognized that the bending and flexing of non-pistonic motion in a soft dome tweeter leads to large-scale distortion. That’s why we chose the high strength and light weight of Beryllium. And we went even further, enhancing Beryllium with the incredible stiffness of diamond, carefully applied by chemical vapor deposition. This enabled us to go larger, building the world’s first 28 mm Beryllium dome and improving performance without the weight penalty that diamond normally incurs. Now the M9 raises the stakes with an even more refined 28 mm Beryllium-diamond dome tweeter. The new drive unit delivers high-frequency reproduction of extraordinary accuracy, confirmed by Laser Interferometry testing and by careful listening. You’ll hear microdynamics of even greater subtlety, revealing musical detail with even greater clarity.



Eighth generation Nano-Tec cones with Aluminum honeycomb core

Our insistence on diaphragm rigidity and pistonic motion also drove us to offer the world’s first loudspeaker cones with incredibly strong Graphene nanotubes. Every cone in the M9 incorporates our eighth generation Nano-Tec design. With this design, Magico became the world’s first to feature an Aluminum honeycomb core sandwiched between Graphene/carbon fiber skins. In previous Nano-Tec cones, the skins provided all the stiffness and the core provided damping. The Aluminum honeycomb changes everything, providing a core material so stiff that we need to apply 26,500 pounds (12,000 kg) of pressure to shape our 15-inch cones. This added stiffness pushes resonant frequencies far beyond audibility, requiring hardly any damping at all.

Graphene, the hallmark of the Nano-Tec cones, is a hexagonal lattice of carbon just one atom thick. Graphene combines incredible stiffness with the highest tensile strength of any material known to science – some 40 times that of carbon steel. The resulting cone is so rigid that, inverted on the ground, it will not deform after being run over by a sedan. With our eighth generation refinements, this unprecedented strength results in the closest ever approach to pure pistonic motion




3, 4 and 5-inch voice coils on vented pure Titanium formers

As a cone driver plays intense musical peaks, voice coil temperatures can climb over 100° F (40° C) in a single second. Heating can double the voice coil’s DC resistance, alter the frequency response curve and compress the music as much as 3 dB – a substantial nonlinearity. Magico drivers overcome these distortions. The M9 cone voice coils are huge – 3, 4 and 5 inches in diameter – for much faster dissipation of heat and greater control over the cone. Vents in the voice coil formers provide another level of heat dissipation. We chose formers of pure Titanium for its ideal combination of stiffness and resistance to eddy currents.


コーン・ドライバーが激しい音楽のピークを再生すると、ボイスコイルの温度は1秒間に40℃を超えることがあります。加熱によりボイスコイルの直流抵抗が2倍になり、周波数応答曲線が変化し、音楽が3 dBも圧縮されてしまいます – これは実質的な非線形性です。Magicoのドライバーはこれらの歪みを克服します。M9コーンボイスコイルは巨大です – 3、4、5インチの直径 – 熱のはるかに速い放散とコーン上のより大きな制御のために。ボイスコイル・フォーマーの通気孔は、もう一つのレベルの熱放散を提供しています。私たちは、剛性と渦電流に対する抵抗力の理想的な組み合わせのために、純チタン製のフォーマーを選びました。

Underhung voice coil and oversized Neodymium magnets

The force that the magnetic circuit applies to the voice coil can drop as much as 50% as the voice coil moves away from the central, rest position. This drop-off can be asymmetrical. Motion does not faithfully track the input signal, generating substantial harmonic and intermodulation distortion. Magico Nano-Tec drivers exercise absolute control over voice coil movement by providing underhung voice coils in a magnetic circuit of tremendous power. We use Neodymium magnets with 16 times the magnetic energy per unit volume of Ferrite. In preference to an array of small Neodymium magnets, we select uncommonly large Neodymium ring magnets. As an extra measure against asymmetry, these drivers deploy a matching magnet on top. The result is prodigious flux density, up to 1.7 Tesla (17,000 Gauss), maintained across uncommonly long air gaps, up to 36 mm. This enables distortion-free output up to 120 dB SPL at 1 meter.

6-inch midrange driver (x1). The new midrange features a remarkable 4-inch voice coil to help maintain linear output all the way to 120 dB SPL at 1 meter. This results in unmeasurably low distortion throughout the driver’s operating range.

11-inch mid bass drivers (x2). This entirely new driver incorporates an N48H grade Neodymium ring magnet of unusual size: 120 mm diameter x 8 mm height, plus a second matching magnet on top for complete control of voice coil movement. It is a new benchmark in linearity.

15-inch bass drivers (x2). The new bass driver features a cone molded by 26,500 pounds of pressure. An uncommonly long 36 mm air gap facilitates tremendous linear excursion, ±15 mm, at high sensitivity. You hear the lowest three octaves of bass with full extension and no mid-bass exaggeration.

From cone materials to voice coils to magnetic circuits, each one of these features improves linearity and reduces audible distortion. Taken together, they represent the literal state of the art. These are the most advanced dynamic drivers ever made.

As always, we simulate, optimize, test and re-test every driver design with the latest Finite Element Analysis tools. Computer testing enables us to simultaneously evaluate acoustical, mechanical, electromagnetic and thermal behaviors. As the driver designs near completion, we conduct the same testing and optimization process on the entire loudspeaker system.


磁気回路がボイスコイルに加える力は、ボイスコイルが中央の静止位置から離れるにつれて、50%も低下することがあります。このドロップオフは非対称になることがあります。動きは入力信号に忠実に追従せず、かなりの高調波と相互変調歪みを発生させます。Magico Nano-Tecドライバーは、途方もないパワーの磁気回路でアンダーハングボイスコイルを提供することで、ボイスコイルの動きを絶対的にコントロールします。フェライトの単位体積あたりの磁気エネルギーが16倍のネオジム磁石を使用しています。小型のネオジム磁石の配列ではなく、稀に見る大型のネオジムリング磁石を採用しています。非対称性に対する追加対策として、これらのドライバーは上部にマッチングマグネットを配置しています。その結果、最大1.7テスラ(17,000ガウス)という驚異的な磁束密度を、最大36mmまでの非常に長いエアギャップにわたって維持することができました。これにより、1mで120dB SPLまでの歪みのない出力が可能になりました。

6インチミッドレンジドライバー(x1)。新ミッドレンジには、驚異的な4インチボイスコイルを採用し、1mで120dB SPLまでのリニアな出力を維持します。これにより、ドライバーの動作範囲全体を通して、計り知れないほど低い歪みを実現しています。





Magico Analog Crossover (MXO)

The 120 Hz crossover frequency between the bass and mid-bass drivers poses a special challenge. At such a low frequency, a passive crossover would require huge inductors and capacitors. Even if the very best parts were auditioned and selected with care, such large circuit elements would incur unavoidable, substantial losses. To overcome this issue, we created an analog, active 2-way crossover, the Magico Analog Crossover or MXO. This substantial component provides steep filter slopes without any sacrifice in signal quality.

The crossover’s meticulous design features Linkwitz-Riley filters to deliver 24 dB per octave slopes at the crossover frequency of 120 Hz. Designed in-house from our own platform, the analog crossover is fully balanced with completely discrete circuitry from input to output. Open architecture accommodates additional filter topologies. Precision step attenuators provide 0.5 dB/step control of each output, using a proprietary technique to ensure purity in the signal path. The external power supply chassis regenerates AC and applies active regulation to every part of the circuitry.

A pair of M9 loudspeakers requires two stereo or four monaural amplifiers.

The M9 tweeter, midrange and mid-bass drivers are controlled by a three-way passive crossover with acoustical target 24 dB-per-octave Linkwitz-Riley filters. Magico’s elliptical symmetry crossover design preserves maximum frequency bandwidth with minimal IM distortion.

Magico アナログクロスオーバー (MXO)

ベースドライバーとミッドバスドライバーの間の120 Hzのクロスオーバー周波数は特別な課題です。このような低周波数では、パッシブクロスオーバーには巨大なインダクタとコンデンサが必要になります。たとえ最高のパーツを厳選して試聴したとしても、このような大きな回路素子は避けて通れない大きな損失を生むことになります。この問題を克服するために、私たちはアナログのアクティブ2ウェイクロスオーバー、Magico Analog Crossover(MXO)を開発しました。この実質的なコンポーネントは、信号品質を犠牲にすることなく、急峻なフィルタースロープを提供します。




The main module of our new analog crossover, the Magico MXO performs bass/midbass bandpass filtering. The power supply occupies a separate chassis, not shown.

新しいアナログクロスオーバーのメインモジュールであるMagico MXOは、ベース/ミッドバスのバンドパスフィルタリングを行います。電源は別筐体に搭載されています。


Driver complement:
1.10-inch diamond coated Beryllium tweeter (x1)
6-inch Gen 8 Magico Nano-Tec cone with Aluminum honeycomb core (x1)
11-inch Gen 8 Magico Nano-Tec cones with Aluminum honeycomb core (x2)
15-inch Gen 8 Magico Nano-Tec cones with Aluminum honeycomb core (x2)

Sensitivity: 94 dB

Impedance: 4 ohms

Frequency response: 18 Hz – 50 kHz

Power handling: 20 W (min) to 2000 W (max)

Dimensions:Loudspeaker: 80” H x 40” D x 20” W (203 x 102 x 51 cm)
Crossover: 8” H x 18” D x 20” W (20 x 46 x 51 cm)
Crossover power supply: 8” H x 18” D x 20” W (20 x 46 x 51 cm)

Loudspeaker: 1000 pounds (454 kg) each
Crossover: 40 lbs. (18 kg)
Crossover power supply: 60 lbs. (27 kg)

Suggested US Retail Price: $750,000/pair

Ship date: Q4 2020

MAGICO から M9 登場!!!454Kg 3筐体!!

海外ニュース速報 [World] 新製品速報


USD 750,000/pair
・高さ約2m 奥行き約1m 重さ454kgの本体

・1.10インチ(28mm) ダイヤモンドコートベリリウムツィーター ×1
・6インチ(15cm)ナノテックコーン(アルミハニカムコア) ×1
・11インチ(28cm)ナノテックコーン(アルミハニカムコア) ×2
・15インチ(38cm)ナノテックコーン(アルミハニカムコア) ×2
周波数特性:18Hz -  50kHz
パワー:20W(最小) - 2000W(最大)
 本体 高さ203cm 奥行102cm 幅51cm 454kg/1本
 クロスオーバーケース 高さ20cm 奥行46cm 幅51cm 18kg
 クロスオーバーパワーサプライ 高さ20cm 奥行46cm 幅51cm 27kg


Børresen Acoustics から、Z Series 登場!!

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