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WilsonAudio SASHA DAW 国内予価発表!!

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WilsonAudio SASHA DAW




David A. Wilson氏追悼モデル

LINNから、「 Selekt DSM 」登場!!

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Selekt DSM                                                           £4000
Selekt DSM with integrated power amp                   £5250
Selekt DSM with Katalyst                                       £5500
Selekt DSM with integrated amp and Katalyst          £6750

Delivery will be in October 2018.

Selekt DSM Technical Specification

Type:  Switched-capacitor DAC  with low-noise reference voltage.
THD+N :  0.0002% (1kHz 0dBFS at volume 80)
Dynamic Range:  114dB (Measured at Line-out module XLR output with AES17 measurement filter)

Katalyst DAC upgrade
Type:  Katalyst DAC architecture
THD+N :  0.0002% (1kHz 0dBFS at volume 80)
Dynamic Range:  117dB (Measured at Line-out module XLR output with AES17 measurement filter)

Digital inputs
Type:  FPGA based SPDIF receiver with digital PLL.
SPDIF x2 | Toslink x2 | HDMI ARC x1
Supported sample rates (kHz): 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192

USB input
Type:  USB Audio Class 2 endpoint.
Supported sample rates (kHz): 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192

Analogue inputs
Type:  Digitizing analogue input stage with independent analogue phono preamps for MM and MC cartridges.
ADC Sample rate/resolution: 192kHz/24 bits
Line-in (RCA):          Max input voltage :  4.25Vrms
MM Phono (RCA):   Max input voltage (1kHz):  67mVrms
MC Phono (RCA):    Max input voltage (1kHz):  5.5mVrms

Audio processing
Space Optimisation |Exakt crossover filtering (option) | Upsampling to 768kHz/32 bits |
Digital Volume Control
Line-out module
Type:  Direct-coupled output stage with balanced and unbalanced outputs.
Output Level:  2Vrms (RCA), 4Vrms (XLR) @volume 80
Output Impedance: 300 Ohms (RCA), 600 Ohms (XLR)

Power amplifier upgrade
Type:  Bridged Class-D amplifier with post-filter feedback. A bespoke design that provides maximum performance in minimum space and with minimum heat dissipation. Applies an additional feedback loop around the low-pass filter to significantly improve performance.

Max output power: 100W/channel into 4 Ohms,   50W/channel into 8 Ohms

THD+N (Measured with AES17 measurement filter):
<0.01% (1kHz, 100W into 4 Ohms)
<0.001% (1kHz, 12.5W into 4 Ohms)
<0.005% (1kHz, 50W into 8 Ohms)
<0.001% (1kHz, 6.25W into 8 Ohms)

Exakt Link
2 Exakt Link ports to allow connection to:
Exakt speakers | Exaktboxes | Urika II

10/100 Base-T RJ45 Socket

WilsonAudioから新スピーカー「 SASHA DAW 」登場!!日本でワールドプレミアか?!

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WilsonAudio SASHA DAW

SASHA 2の後継モデル。



海外ニュース速報 [World] 新製品速報

Wood, Stone, Leather.
These iconic ingredients will surprise you, again.
Are you ready?

イタリアのスピーカーブランド「 Chario Audio 」国内輸入開始へ。代理店はタイムロード。

国内ニュース速報 [Japan]

イタリアのスピーカーブランド Chario Audio の国内輸入が開始されます。


ACADEMY SONNET ¥870,000(ペア、スタンド込)

AVIATOR GHIBLI ¥400,000(ペア、スタンド込)



イタリアのオーディオブランド「 PATHOS Acoustics 」国内輸入開始へ。代理店はタイムロード。

国内ニュース速報 [Japan]

イタリアのオーディオブランド「 Pathos Acoustics 」の国内輸入が開始されます。



TWIN TOWERS(T.T) プリメインアンプ ¥980,000

Logos Mk II     プリメインアンプ ¥680,000

Classic Remix    プリメインアンプ ¥470,000





海外ニュース速報 [World] 新製品速報

B&W 600 シリーズ
603: Replaces 683 S2 Price: £1249/$1799/€1599 per pair
606: Replaces 685 S2 Price: £1249/$1799/€1599 per pair
607: Replaces 686 S2 Price: £399/$599/€529 per pair
HTM6: Replaces HTM62 S2 and HTM61 S2 £399/$599/€529 each

Since 1966, we’ve made continued technical advancements to design the perfect loudspeaker and today we bring that heritage to vinyl enthusiasts and movie lovers alike with the new 600 Series. This range turns movie night into an immersive experience, and brings the music you love to life, as if the performer is standing in front of you.

You can hear the engineering excellence and passion, and that is why our speakers are used in leading recording studios around the world, such as the legendary Abbey Road Studios, due to the accuracy they provide. Bowers & Wilkins is a global leader in bringing music and sound to your ears – and your experience – the way it was meant to be heard.

The groundbreaking feature of our latest 600 Series is the integration of our cutting-edge Continuum™ cone, which creates layered midrange sound with a pristine soundscape. The human ear is naturally tuned into sound in this frequency, and we’ve understood the power of the perfect midrange presentation for over a generation.

Developed over an eight-year period, the Continuum cone was first featured on our flagship 800 Series Diamond models, including the 800 D3, now in use in Abbey Road Studios. It truly makes your music come alive, delivering the crucial sounds fundamental to any great music experience. The new 600 Series also features our patented and ultra-low-distortion Decoupled Double Dome tweeter to reveal astonishing levels of detail in your music. Whether you immerse yourself in stereo or surround sound, the 600 Series brings you closer to hearing Bowers & Wilkins True Sound.

The new range is available in two sleek, modern finishes, Black and White, and includes:

• 603: As the flagship and largest speaker in the series, this floorstanding speaker delivers outstanding power, accuracy and musicality with the Decoupled Double Dome tweeter, an FST midrange driver using the Continuum cone, plus dual paper-cone bass drivers

• 606: For stand or bookshelf use, this compact speaker delivers stunning clarity and tonal purity plus outstanding bass extension combining the Decoupled Double Dome tweeter technology with a 6.5-inch Continuum cone mid/bass driver

• 607: Although the smallest in the range, this compact standmount or bookshelf speaker offers outstanding bass response and insight from its main 5-inch Continuum cone mid/bass driver

• HTM6: A slim, dedicated centre channel speaker with considerable power and exceptional precision featuring the Decoupled Double Dome tweeter plus dual 5-inch Continuum cone mid/bass drivers

• ASW610XP, ASW610 and ASW608: Completing the range are three exceptional subwoofers carried across from the previous 600 Series with updated finishes to match the new range


CH Precision、新パワーアンプ「 A1.5 」を発表!!

海外ニュース速報 [World] 新製品速報


A1.5 Two-channel Power Amplifier
Released in November 2018

Meet the A1 successor. Featuring a huge new power supply design, the A1.5 power amplifier effortlessly delivers up to 150W / 8 Ohms per channel in Stereo mode or 1200W / 2 ohms in Bridge mode. The A1’s flexibility of use and future-proof modularity have been kept untouched allowing the amplifier to be reconfigured from Stereo to Bi-amplification, Monaural or to Bridge at the push of a button. CH Precision’s unique ExactBias circuitry as well as the critically acclaimed loudspeaker matching topology forge the heart of the A1.5.

Further refined, taller, more powerful, the A1.5 is in every way an A1… and a half!

What’s more, every A1 ever produced can be upgraded to an A1.5 amplifier.


The A1.5 power amplifier has been developed with modularity in mind. It can be equipped with a single analog input board in case the A1.5 is used as a single channel but a second analog input board can also be fitted from factory for stereo operation. This modularity ensures the following operation modes:
◾stereo mode
◾single channel mode
◾bi-amplification modes, both passive and active
◾bridge mode

Changing the A1.5 operating mode is easy and can be done on-the-fly from the front panel user interface and our tablet app. Only the available options are visible depending of the hardware configuration.

Power Supply

The central power supply is taking most of the internal space of the chassis. The huge 1’700VA transformer is mounted on silent-blocks to avoid at maximum its vibrations to be fed-back into the sensitive part of the circuitry. It is shielded both with a magnetic screen and an electrostatic one. The transformer plate is also secured for transportation.

For optimum thermal performances, the output stage diode bridges are mounted directly onto the amplifiers heatsinks and are of hyper-fast soft-recovery type.

The A1.5 features extremely low-ESR filtering capacitors ensuring tremendeous current capabilities for controlling the most demanding speakers.

Analog stages

All analog stages inside the A1.5 are built only with discrete components, no operational amplifier have been used into these sections. This deliberate choice warranties the shortest audio signal path and allows the use of custom-made building blocks.

No capacitors have been used in the signal path, nor any output relay to ensure maximum transparency.


A gain range of 24dB – with steps of 0.5dB – is embedded into each channel, for a perfect match with the loudspeakers sensitivity and room size. A lower gain is typically preferred for high-sensitivity speakers into a small room while a bigger gain is sometimes needed for large rooms with low-sensitvity loudspeakers.

This gain adjustment can also be useful with multi-amplified loudspeakers to fine-tune the various drivers level.

Output stage feedback

Like with the A1, the A1.5 output stage features the CH loudspeaker matching circuitry. The ratio between the global and local feedbacks is adjustable on-the-fly from the front panel user interface or through our tablet app. Each step is 20%, going from 0% – local feedback only – to 100%.

A different feedback ratio can be set for each channel in bi-amplification mode allowing an even finer tuning of the connected loudspeaker.


Keeping the output stage bias current constant ensures the amplifier to remain as linear as possible. The bias current is highly sensitive to temperature changes.

ExactBias has been designed to maintain the output stage bias current constant, by monitoring both the amplifier heatsink and output transistors temperatures, irrespectively of the musical program and room temperature.

In terms of performance, the A1.5 class-AB designed with ExactBias technology outperforms a pure class-A design with usual bias compensation.


The voltage and current delivered to the loudspeakers is permanently monitored thanks to a non-intrusive circuitry. A digital signal processor not only works out in real-time the effective output power, but also protects the amplifier in case of a short-circuit across the loudspeaker binding posts.



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avantgarde new speaker


*左がUNO XD 右が新製品

AIR TIGHTから、新カートリッジ「 coda 」登場!!(海外向け)

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新カートリッジ coda


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