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dCS 各製品の MQA対応 ソフトウェアアップデート
dCS Rossini – October 2017
dCS Vivaldi One – November 2017
dCS Network Bridge – November 2017
dCS Vivaldi DAC & Upsampler – December 2017



dCS announces the release of a software update that provides MQA compatibility to all current product ranges – bringing the MQA experience into what many regard as the best digital music source in the world.

MQA, Master Quality Authenticated, provides a means to efficiently encode and transmit high resolution audio. MQA is based on the axiom that, in audio, high resolution can be more accurately defined in the analogue domain in terms of temporal fine structure and lack of modulation noise, than by any description in the digital domain, particularly one that relies on sample rate or bit depth numbers.

MQA works by converting the analogue music to digital and back to analogue again. The conceptual framework models analogue as an infinite sample rate representation, which can be approximated by a hierarchical chain of downward and upward splines. The MQA encoder takes account of and corrects aspects of the original analogue-to-digital and studio preparation chain.

Although a listener can enjoy the encoded stream at CD quality without a decoder, the best result comes with an MQA Decoder, or a combination of MQA Core Decoder and Renderer, which reconstructs exactly what was heard in the studio.

The MQA Renderer performs sampling reconstruction under song-by-song instruction from the encoder, while at the same time matching and optimising the attached DAC to deliver an authenticated analogue output.

MQA Decoders include a Renderer which is customised for each built-in digital-to-analogue converter. Generally, the converter includes an integrated DAC which is not wholly configurable and may have some performance limitations. For this reason, most MQA decoders include pre- compensation for the built-in converter.

dCS does not use IC converters in its DACs; instead the process of reconstructing analogue from the digital stream is entirely custom, using specific software and discrete hardware to make a DAC. However, unlike other non-integrated DACs, the dCS is still modelled on reconstruction using oversampling, filtering and high-speed conversion.

David Steven, Managing Director, dCS states:

“The dCS and MQA teams have been in discussion, development and testing for almost a year. This is a unique and exciting implementation made possible by the flexibility and capability of our platform, as well as the fact that both companies have aligned philosophies, strong mutual respect and trust.”

Bob Stuart, Founder & CTO, MQA adds:

“In the case of the dCS Rossini, the MQA and dCS teams were able to work together to develop code which accurately matched the MQA hierarchical ideal reconstruction to analogue. This MQA implementation is unique, as it is the first opportunity to enable a DAC which, by providing exact rendering to beyond 16x (768 kHz), matches the desired temporal response with very low modulation noise.”

dCS owners can update their firmware to support MQA via the ‘internet download and update’ functionality.

dCS Rossini – October 2017
dCS Vivaldi One – November 2017
dCS Network Bridge – November 2017
dCS Vivaldi DAC & Upsampler – December 2017

Constellation Audioから、「 Cygnus Media Player/DAC, Roon Ready 」登場!!

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Constellation Audio Cygnus Media Player/DAC, which is Roon Ready, to debut at RMAF 2017


Constellation Audio is pleased to announce the introduction of the Cygnus Media Player/DAC, the first Roon Ready digital product from Constellation Audio. The Cygnus makes its launch at RMAF 2017 in Denver, Colorado and builds upon our years of experience in analogue and digital music reproduction. and combines it with the user-friendly interface from Roon Labs. “Cygnus brings discriminating music lovers the sound they expect from Constellation Audio with the unique easy to use control system that Roon offers,” says Constellation Audio CEO Dr. Murali Murugasu.
As part of our Performance Series of products, Cygnus utilizes a two-piece design common to preamps and DACs in that series with the option of adding an additional DC filter. The separate enclosure houses dual power supplies – one for the analog circuits and a separate one for the digital circuits. This unit also serves as a Roon end-point. Song selection is done either through a connected laptop, tablet, or smart-phone. Through an Ethernet connection Roon is connected to the power supply. In addition, the power supply also houses a digital re-clocking mechanism. The signal is transmitted from the power supply to the DAC via a DVI interface. One of the unique features of the Cygnus is the ability to connect it directly to an amplifier, using the Roon interface to control the volume. To further isolate any possible digital or mechanical noise, the listener has the option of adding a DC Filter that goes between the power supply and the DAC.

The DAC itself is a sonic tour-de-force, admirable on its own merits. In a fully complementary arrangement, the Cygnus uses two custom-designed 32/192 DACs per channel: one for the positive half of the audio signal, the other for the negative half. This balanced design delivers even the subtlest details of any recording details most DACs tend to obscure. And with an array of digital inputs including Coax, Toslink, and AES/EBU, the Cygnus DAC can serve as a hub for connecting digital inputs from television, CD, or other digital sources. There are also four user-selectable filter profiles which allow the listener to fine tune the sound to their individual tastes. Using the DAC only part of Cygnus requires connection to a preamplifier for volume control.

Constellation Audio will be demonstrating the Cygnus as part of their Performance Series based system in the Conifer I room at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest at the Marriott Denver Tech Center Hotel from October 6 – 8 2017.

The retail price of the Cygnus is $38,000. Deliveries will begin in Q4 2017.

Mytekから、「 Brooklyn DAC+ 」登場。

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                       RMAF: Lobby Booth #13        


Mytek Introduces New Brooklyn DAC+ With Upgraded Performance; Now Shipping: Brooklyn AMP, Plus Optional Phono and Roon Cards for Manhattan II


2017 RMAF, October 6, 2017Mytek, manufacturer of professional ADC/DACs and consumer DACs, unveiled at RMAF 2017 a brand new model of the highly-acclaimed Brooklyn DSD/MQA DAC, the Brooklyn DAC+.

Brooklyn DAC+, priced at $2,195, features redesigned and enhanced conversion, analog and power supply circuits, resulting in overall improved sound quality. Improvements include the new Sabre 9028PRO DAC chipset for enhanced resolution and better digital filter options, upgraded headphone amplifier, better L/R separation, larger capacity power supply and new, very transparent analog attenuator circuit.

All these quality improvements result in even more convincing digital PCM, DSD and MQA playback and streaming as well as state of the art M/C, M/M Phono musical experience. The Brooklyn DAC+’s new headphone circuitry performance challenges many dedicated headphone amplifiers.

A lot of praises were written about the Brooklyn DAC, which has sold many thousands of units since the launch of MQA. The new Brooklyn DAC+ provides users with benefits of the newest conversion technologies, while retaining the amazing versatility and affordability that the original Brooklyn DAC has been praised for.

Shipments of the Brooklyn DAC+ start Oct. 16th, 2017.


Mytek’s new Brooklyn AMP, the world’s smallest dual-mono 300W power amplifier, is now shipping in quantity. Priced at only $1,995, the Brooklyn AMP “delivers unbelievably analog-like, triode-type sound,” according to Mytek president and chief engineer Michal Jurewicz.

Mytek’s engineering team have used their extensive DSD experience to get the Brooklyn AMP dual mono Class-D circuit design sounding better than other comparable Class-D designs to date. The Brooklyn AMP is compact, yet delivers deep and powerful tight bass, natural mids and silky, smooth highs.


Several additional features include monoblock bridge operation, biamp operation and a 12VDC power trigger. The sculpted chassis design integrates perfectly with the Brooklyn MQA/DSD DAC and Brooklyn MQA/DSD DAC+ for a great sounding compact electronics setup capable of playing digital music or vinyl into a set of speakers and headphones.

The Brooklyn AMP and Brooklyn DAC are also available together at the special introductory “bundle price” of $3,595. Weight is a mere 6 lbs./3kg.

Mytek is also now shipping their long-awaited optional Phono and Roon cards for the Manhattan II DAC.


Optional Precision Phono Analog Preamp Card: High End M/M, M/C Phono Preamplifier with custom nickel core step up transformer, relay switchable and tunable. Input impedances, transformer ratio, RIAA curves and choice of gain can be changed within the menu or using the remote via relay switches.

Optional “Roon Ready” Network Card: Turns the Manhattan II into a network streamer with 24/192k and DSD64 maximum throughput. Compatible w/Roon, DLNA/UpnP. ▼

Both are user-installable, and priced at $1,495 for the Phono card, and $995 for the Roon card.

AVALONから、新スピーカー「 Precision Monitor 4 (RM4) 」登場!!

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AVALON Precision Monitor 4 (RM4)

Focalから、新スピーカーシリーズ「 Kanta 」登場!!

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Kanta No.2 トールボーイ型 10月先行発売 £7000
Kanta No.3 大型トールボーイ型
Kanta No.1 ブックシェルフ型

Kanta No.2


kanta プレスリリース


SPECTRALから、「 DMA-500 」40周年記念モノラルパワーアンプ登場!!

海外ニュース速報 [World] 新製品速報

Spectral Audio, established in 1977, is celebrating 40 years of activity this year with the introduction of something very special; the all new Spectral Dma 500 Anniversary Mono Reference Amplifier.
40 years of operation is a major achievement considering that Spectral production has maintained a steady commercial success over the years and that the brand enjoys decades of utmost esteem and appreciation by every enthusiast. It can be said that today, as before, Spectral represents, for countless audiophiles, the ultimate point of arrival and the crowning of the dream of a lifetime.

This important anniversary is celebrated with the simultaneous release of a new mono reference ending called DMA500 Reference Anniversary created by Keith Johnsons and new top of the range.

The new mono finale is produced on the basis of 36 years of development developed by Spectral for the most ambitious design. The DMA-500 RA reflects years of research-based investment for the creation of next-generation amplifiers and to celebrate our first 40 years in the field of engineering and research for the production of high-speed audio.

In 2011 Spectral introduced the DMA-400 standard reference mono amplifier , the first of our Master components. Since then, the DMA-400 has become one of Spectral’s most famous products, gaining a worldwide reputation in the field of high-performance amplification of the most sophisticated music systems. When the DMA400 project was completed for production, manufacturers continued their search for an even more ambitious project with “ultimate” performance for the 40-year anniversary target.

The T40 amplification is designed to incorporate the most advanced technologies yet unavailable for the DMA-400, which includes our advanced SV semiconductor technology developed for RS preamplifiers. Over the last 5 years, Spectral engineers have created the SV SHHA amplifier driver that uses a patented personal circuitry and followed the T40 amplification program through which the DMA-500 mono Anniversary Reference power amplifier was produced.

Fundamental innovation of the DMA-500 AR power amplifier is the implementation of advanced SV technology for high-speed circuits. SV technology is based on dedicated semiconductor devices designed to critically evaluate the locations circuits of our high-speed RF amplifiers. Specialized circuits radically reduce transient distortions and eliminate the “thermal-tail” memory effects.

On the DMA-500, a new driver topology with semiconductor SV technology is successfully used. The new DMA-500 G2 SHHA drivers reach the double slew rate and risetime value measured on the original SHHA amplifier drivers installed on the DMA-400. The result is an even faster signal response with the lowest distortion rate so far recorded in the field of power audio amplification.

The DMA-500 Anniversary Reference incorporates for the first time the new SV amplification technology. This brings the listener to a music experience completely immersed in exquisite clarity with unmatched realism and accuracy. We believe the DMA-500 delivers uncompromising listening experience as customers expect, and brilliantly reflects the high-level ambitions of Spectral Audio.
Fourth generation high resolution the state of art

design amplifier

High-speed circuit architecture

RE Precision Structure

Focused High Speed ​​Array with Led Output Section

Modules 2 SHHA high speed hybrids with SV technology and custom topology semiconductors

Power Vault Power Flow Control System

New generation of vertical mosfet output transistors with innovative servo-bias tracking systems

Multiple power matrix with independent power and adjustable bias for each output device

Optical and non-invasive thermal protection circuits

Fully balanced discrete and operational circuits

Circuit Board High current motherboard with copper mass technology

Modular construction with connectors for pro instruments

Passive components of extreme precision customized with teflon films

Ultra low distortion with the precision of one part per million
Output power (continued):

@ 8 ohm – 350 Watt RMS

@ 4 ohm – 540 Watt RMS

@ 2 ohnis – 750 Watt RMS

Output Current: 90 Amps Peak

Frequency Response: ± 0.1 dB, DC -150 KHz

± 1 dB, DC – 1 MHz

± 3 dB, DC – 1.8MHz

Static: More than 0.015% DC to 100 KHz,

typical: 0.009% © 350 W RMS / B ohm

8 cluster test tests 20 kHz

@ 500 hz separation

0.01% @ 8 ohms

0.015 @ 4 ohms

Rise time: Less than 225 nanoseconds

Settiing: 28 microseconds to O sign noise

5lew rate: 1200 volts / microsecond

Signal Noise: 108 dB ASA / A entrance

Impedance: 10K ohm

Sensitivity: 1.5 volt / rated output

Power supply: voltage line: 100 volt, 120 volt, 220 volts (internal wiring / factory)

AC Voltage Range: ± 10%

Maximum power consumption: 2000 Watt

Standby Consumption: 115 Watts

Operating Temperature: 0 to +50 degrees Celsius
Protection features

Servo DC Protection: 0.5 volt range

Current limitation: 90 Amp

Thermal Threshold: 85 ° Celsius,

Main AC fuse: 5A / 3AG slo blo

Dimensions and weight: 50.8 cm x 18.4 cm x 49.9 cm)

Weight: 34 kg

Warranty: 3 years parts and labor

HALCROから、「 ECLIPSE 」シリーズ登場!!いよいよ本格復活へ

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Melbourne International HiFi Show, November 3rd-5th, 2017


・Stereo Poweramplifier
・Mono Poweramplifier
・Phono stage

・Completely redesigned input stage
・Improved power stage
・Second generation of the famous Halcro Lyrus class-D technology

NAGRA、「 HDPREAMP 」を東京インターナショナルオーディオショウにてワールドプレミア!!

海外ニュース速報 [World] 新製品速報

More information will be available at the debut of the NAGRA HDPREAMP at the Tokyo Show, Vietnam Show and RMAF 2017.

Almost 20 years after the release of the mythical preamplifier Nagra PL-P in 1998, Nagra will introduce at the RMAF 2017 one of the most ambitious projects of its history, the HD PREAMP.

The Nagra R&D Department, served by ten skilled and specialized audio engineers, worked on this project for the past three years with the goal of creating the most revealing and engaging preamplifier in the world. The Audio engineers spared no expense or limitation developing electronics, mechanics, power supply and addressing thermal and vibration issues. Each stage of the design also included extensive listening sessions. The result is a striking product in terms of appearance, specification and performance. It will just reshape the expectation you may have of what a preamplifier will add to your whole set-up, sources and amplifiers…

Suggested retail price $59,500 US / 54´900 Euro (including VAT)

The volume control is a patent pending technology that allows perfect level matching with a much more transparent sound compared to pots and switch resistor technology, because there is no attenuation of the input signal, just an automatic selection of a tap on the Nagra custom output transformer.

The newly developed SuperCapacitor power supply is a new technology which combines the very low noise of a battery with the high current capability of the best linear power supplies.

The audio engineers created a super vibration free stand to lower the microphonic resonances to a new level.

The HDPREAMP has the best specifications ever achieved by any tube preamplifier, 160 dB of signal to noise and 0 Hz to 200kHz frequency response with perfect phase integrity.

The HDPREAMP is able to reproduce a square wave at 16 Hz.

And the Sound !

The HDPREAMP reproduces music with natural impressions, with full spectrum bandwidth and extreme stability.

It also produces a precise 3D holographic soundstage. It is very difficult to express the impact of this design as we didn’t think it was possible to achieve such an unbelievable result.

Pure emotion..


海外ニュース速報 [World] 新製品速報


Sabrina LTD Color Announcement

NAGRA、「 HD PREAMP 」をロッキーマウンテンオーディオフェスタ(RMAF)にてワールドプレミア。

海外ニュース速報 [World] 新製品速報


Nagra will introduce and reveal their new flagship HD Preamplifier at RMAF 2017…

“Almost 20 years after the release of the mythical preamplifier Nagra PL-P in 1998, Nagra will introduce at RMAF 2017 one of the most ambitious project of its history, the HD PREAMP.

For the past three years Nagra R&D Department, served by ten skilled and specialized audio engineers, worked on that project with the goal of creating the most revealing and engaging preamplifier in the world. This tube base dual-mono spared no expense or experimentation in the fields of electronics, mechanics, power supply, thermal issues and obviously extensive listening sessions. The result is a striking product in terms of specification and performance. It will just reshape the expectation you may have of a preamplifier or your whole set-up, sources and amplifiers…


Retail 54900 Euro
US Retail price of the HDPreamp is $59500.


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