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METAXAS & SINS からMETAXAS X1 Electrostatic HEADPHONE 登場予定!!




Audel からFirst monitor model U-Basik 5/8 登場!!


First monitor model U-Basik 5/8

€ 2,199.00 per pair including 19% VAT (ebony black)
€ 2,299.00 per pair including 19% VAT (Canaletto walnut)

Cover grids and stands are offered as optional products.

Ayre Acoustics から CDプレーヤー CX-8 登場!!


Ayre Acoustics
CX-8 CDプレーヤー

$5,450 as a basic CD player
USB and Ethernet streaming options coming in a few months

The CX-8 will continue the CX-7’s tradition as a reliable, upgrade-able, and incredible sounding Red Book CD player.

Gryphon から Apex Power Amplifier Commander Preamplifier 登場!!



Apex Power Amplifier
Commander Preamplifier

Axign and GaN Systems からついに GaN-based 500W Class-D audio amplifier 登場!!


OTTAWA, ON AND LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / January 6, 2022 /GaN Systems, the global leader in GaN power semiconductors and audio technology innovator Axign, debuted a new groundbreaking GaN-based 500W Class-D audio amplifier. This reference design merges best-in-class technologies, including GaN Systems’ GaN power transistors and Axign’s Class-D controller, enabling companies to create unique audio systems that are smaller, sleeker, more efficient, more powerful, and provide better audio quality than previous generations.

Both companies will be showcasing the demo board at CES. Under Axign’s theme of “Listening to the Sound of Innovation,” this solution signals the next leap in efficiency and sound quality performance as audio needs have evolved. This design is ideal for consumer and automotive audio applications, including active loudspeakers, television soundbars, audio entertainment solutions, and streaming audio amplifier solutions.

Key features of the 500W Class-D audio amplifier reference design:

Rated Output Power: 2x 250W in 4 Ohm BTL (optionally 1x 500W in 2 Ohm PBTL)

Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz +/- 0.1dB, DC – 40kHz +/-3dB

High Dynamic Range: 109dB-A in BTL (optionally 118dB-A in PBTL)

Output Noise Voltage: 110uV A-weighted, 20kHz AES17 (optionally 41uV in PBTL)

Very low and flat THD: <0.01%, 20Hz – 20kHz

Damping factor: >4000

In addition to the key features, audio designers will love that the solution is hi-res audio compatible. The 500W Class-D audio amplifier reference design solves several technical challenges, especially heat generation in high-power audio amplifiers and efficiency. Designers will be able to:

Eliminate heatsinks.

Increase efficiency as GaN has lower switching and conduction losses and high-current capabilities.

Enhance sound quality (or reach a Class-A sound quality) with a post-filter feedback Class-D controller with full control over the loudspeaker.

“GaN-based audio amplifiers and accompanying power supplies are becoming the standard in audio systems, expanding possibilities in design and performance. This collaboration with Axign for the 500W Class-D audio amplifier encapsulates this evolution allowing the delivery of smaller, lighter, and better sounding audio systems,” said Paul Wiener, GaN Systems’ VP of Strategic Marketing.

Richard Langezaal, Axign’s VP of Business Development, added, “Getting amazing sound quality and full control over the loudspeaker are just one of the many benefits of our 500W heatsinkless Class-D audio amplifier with GaN Systems. We are excited to shake up CES 2022 and the consumer audio market in displaying and demoing exciting audio technologies like these.”

Visit GaN Systems at CES 2022

GaN Systems will demonstrate the latest designs and products in power supply, wireless power, audio, and automotive solutions at Tech East, Renaissance Hospitality Suites (next to the Las Vegas Convention Center) at Suite 1232. Book online to reserve an appointment with GaN Systems.

About GaN Systems

GaN Systems is the global leader in GaN power semiconductors with the most extensive transistors portfolio that uniquely addresses the needs of today’s most demanding industries, including consumer electronics, data center servers, and power supplies, renewable energy systems, industrial motors, and automotive electronics. As an industry-leading innovator, GaN Systems makes possible the design of smaller, lower cost, more efficient power systems. The company’s award-winning products provide system design opportunities free from the limitations of yesterday’s silicon. By changing the transistor performance rules, GaN Systems enables power conversion companies to revolutionize their industries and transform the world.

For more information, please visit: www.gansystems.com or on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and scan this QR code for our WeChat.

About Axign

Axign, established in 2014, is a fabless semiconductor company focusing on delivering unbeaten and breakthrough analog/mixed-signal technology and ICs for audio amplifier systems. Axign’s mission is to create the ultimate audio experience for high-volume products at the lowest system cost enabled by Axign’s disruptive innovative and patented inventions. Axign is based in The Netherlands, with local support teams worldwide. www.axign.nl.

Gryphon Audio Designs からド級? 新製品登場か!?


YG Acoustics Peaks Series を正式発表!!


YG Acoustics Peaks Series

The Peaks Series includes five new speaker models plus a powered subwoofer, each performing at a new reference level for their price point. They excel in any size room, across all genres of music, and are offered in high quality finishes to suit every style of home.

Throughout the Peaks development process, quality was never compromised. The Peaks models use YG’s proprietary ForgeCore tweeters and our exceptional BilletCore drivers. These are mounted in thick aluminum front baffles which are precision machined in-house to a profile guided by detailed computational modeling.

The sealed cabinet bodies are inch-thick dense resin fiber, curved to exact tolerances in custom presses by experienced European workshops. They include advanced bracing and acoustic absorbers which eliminate cabinet resonances and reflections.

Innovative crossover topologies are optimized through complex simulation and countless hours of critical listening. These designs maximize efficiency and ensure the broadest possible compatibility with amplifiers. The Peaks crossovers use the highest quality components and are hand-built on circuit boards that YG machines in-house.

Through its unique combination of cutting-edge science and engineering, Peaks represents an approach with no compromises. Everything from the drivers, cabinets and crossovers, through to the veneer, lacquer and internal cabling has been carefully selected and modeled to deliver the most accurate, most musical performance possible.

Peaks speakers throw a massive soundstage, providing insight and detail yet retain exceptional musicality and a natural sound that is never fatiguing. They provide holographic imaging across a very wide area, combined with purity, dynamics, and deep, authoritative bass.

2-way passive stand mount/bookshelf speaker. Dedicated stand available. Incorporates ForgeCore tweeter and 6″ (15 cm) BilletCore driver.
370 x 192 x 262mm (H x W x D)
14.6 x 7.6 x 10.3” (H x W x D)
28lbs (12.7 kg) each

2-way passive stand mount/bookshelf speaker. Dedicated stand available. Incorporates ForgeCore tweeter and 7″ (18 cm) BilletCore driver.
425 x 230 x 300mm (H x W x D)
16.7 x 9.1 x 11.8” (H x W x D)
40lbs (18.1 kg) each

2-way passive floor standing speaker. Incorporates ForgeCore tweeter and 7″ (18 cm) BilletCore driver.
1015 x 270 x 325mm (H x W x D)
40 x 10.6 x 12.8” (H x W x D)
95lbs (43.1 kg) each

3-way passive floor standing speaker. Incorporates ForgeCore tweeter along with 7″ (18 cm) and 8.5″(22 cm) BilletCore drivers.
1015 x 270 x 450mm (H x W x D)
40 x 10.6 x 17.7” (H x W x D)
120lbs (54.4 kg) each

3-way passive floor standing speaker. Incorporates ForgeCore tweeter along with 7″ (18 cm) and10.25″ (26 cm) BilletCore drivers.
1135 x 310 x 500mm (H x W x D)
44.7 x 12.2 x 19.7” (H x W x D)
159lbs (72.1 kg) each

Active subwoofer. 1,000 watt audiophile amplifier. Incorporates new 11″ (28 cm) BilletCore driver with 3″ voice coil, titanium former and advanced magnet.
445 x 400 x 475mm (H x W x D)
17.5 x 15.7 x 18.7” (H x W x D)
109lbs (49.4kg)

THORENS 新たなベンチマークとなる 新フォノステージ開発を発表!!


から 新たなベンチマークとなる 新フォノステージ開発が発表されました。

Next step. Creating a new benchmark of phono stages.

Mark Levinson から 50周年記念 ML-50 limited edition amplifier 登場!!世界100台限定


Mark Levinson
ML-50 limited edition amplifier
Limited to only 100 pairs worldwide

ML-50 includes two monaural amplifiers and an accessory kit that includes two 3-meter power cords, a microfiber polishing cloth, white gloves and a title deed

The design echoes some of the most popular and important models of the brand’s history. In creating the ML-50 monaural power amplifier, the Mark Levinson team looked to its past to some of the most important monaural amplifiers that each influenced the design in a special way. The ML-50 model name itself calls back to the first Mark Levinson power amplifier – the ML-2 – produced from 1977 to 1986. The No 20 power amplifier and its updated models the No 20.5 and No 20.6 produced between 1986 and 1995 inspired the large front panel handles found on the ML-50. The No 33 (1994-2003) and No 33H (1997-2007) reference amplifiers sparked the idea of the outrigger feet that provide the solid foundation for the ML-50 chassis. The concept of the glass front panel and red backlit Mark Levinson logo on the ML-5 is lifted from the No 53 reference amplifier built from 2008 to 2019. The No 536 amplifier (2015-present) became the starting point platform for the audio performance found in the ML-50.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of the ML-50 is the clear glass top cover that showcases the internal beauty of the circuit designs. Elevating the drama of the glass top cover, internal LED lighting casts a glow over the interior and can be switched between red, white, and off.

The solid aluminium front panel design also features a large black glass panel insert with a red backlit LED Mark Levinson logo, and a machined aluminium standby power button encircled with a red LED light ring. The central glass panel is flanked by a pair of silver machined aluminium handles.

The power supply and audio circuits of the No 536 platform have been enhanced. The hardware engineers started by creating a lower noise floor by increasing the high-voltage supply (voltage gain and pre-driver circuits) capacitance by 50% (from 8,800uF to 13,200uF). Next, they gave it increased dynamic power with a 20% increase in the capacitance of the main high-current supply (169,200uF to 206,800uF) plus reconfigured Schottky rectifiers for a lower-impedance path from the transformer to the filter caps. Distortion has been lowered by doubling the output stage bias resulting in more than quadruple the amount of Class A power: 20W into 8-ohms. The overall Class AB power has also increased to 425W into 8-ohms. The result is an amplifier with the highest levels of subjective and objective performance.

To provide the most stable platform possible for the increased audio performance, a new vibration-damping, mechanically isolated foot design can be found at all four corners underneath the chassis of the ML-50. These feet mimic the curved shape of the front panel and elevate the chassis further above the surface for increased convection cooling in conjunction with the new twin-channel top panel venting and massive external heat sinks.

As a fully balanced design, the ML-50 offers balanced XLR and single-ended RCA audio jack inputs and two sets of Mark Levinson Hurricane binding post speaker terminals. Advanced internal protection and monitoring ensures reliable performance, while Ethernet, serial, and 12V trigger connections provide complete external control.

Each Mark Levinson ML-50 amplifier package includes two monaural amplifiers and an accessory kit that includes two 3m power cords, a microfibre polishing cloth, white gloves, and owner’s documentation. The three cartons are vertically stacked on a wooden pallet base and protected with a triple-wall cardboard sleeve and banding straps.

The Mark Levinson ML-50 limited edition amplifier package will be available from select retailers in Q4 of 2022 at a retail price of $50,000 per system pair.

MBL から 新フラグシップスピーカー 101 Extreme II 登場!!


101 Extreme II

Suncoast Audio LLC (アメリカ) http://suncoastaudio.com
2/18~22に行われる FLORIDA AUDIO EXPOにてワールドプレミア予定

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