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Mytek から Brooklyn Bridge II RoonCore 登場!!


Brooklyn Bridge II RoonCore

64GB for $3995 US or 3995 EUR
4TB for $4795 US or 4795 EUR

ESS Sabre ES9028Pro 8-channel chipset
PCM data streams up to 384kHz/32 bit

DSD256, DXD, and MQA
Mytek HAT™ “Harmonic Audio Tuning” DAC technology
Intel i5 CPU

New high-end Roon Powered Streamer/DAC/Preamplifier

New York, March 16, 2023 – The new Brooklyn Bridge II Roon Core is a new high-end Roon Powered Streamer/DAC/Preamplifier. The device combines a Roon Core server, network streamer, exceptional DAC and preamplifier with phono MM MC input, and a headphone amplifier, in a single unit. It allows users to use the award-winning music player system without needing to set up a complex network or use multiple devices. All device features are of the highest possible sound quality.

The Brooklyn Bridge II Roon Core simplifies the setup of a Roon-based system, requiring only an internet connection, a Roon subscription, and speakers with amplifiers. It can also be bundled with the matching Mytek Brooklyn AMP+ to power the speakers (The Brooklyn AMP+ is a separate unit that is designed to function as a high-end power amplifier with a power output of up to 300W per channel into 8 ohms). Users can control the system through a smartphone or tablet or the built-in iphone style touch screen. The device comes in two versions, with a 64GB or a large 4TB internal music storage and two color finishes: silver and black. Brooklyn Bridge II Roon Core is compatible with all high resolution streaming services and radio supported by Roon, Tidal/Qobuz, and NAS network drives. An auxiliary Bluetooth 5 input provides instant connectivity for all other internet music and radio sources. The Brooklyn Bridge II Roon Core is made in Europe, and its design meets the highest standards of quality and performance. It features an Intel i5 processor, the Roon Core, and the Mytek OS operating system based on Linux, and a “Reference High Current, high transient” headphone amplifier that can drive both single ended and balanced headphones. The device includes a finely-tuned volume control with choice of analog or digital volume control and steps of 1dB for both headphone outputs and XLR and RCA outputs.

The DAC electronics of the Brooklyn Bridge II have been built to the highest standards. Mytek’s own custom implementation of the ESS Sabre ES9028Pro 8-channel chipset allows it to convert PCM data streams up to 384kHz/32 bit into analog signals, as well as DSD256, DXD, and MQA with a built-in hardware decoder. The Mytek HAT™ “Harmonic Audio Tuning” DAC technology, developed for the Mytek flagship Empire Streamer, is also used here. The sound characteristics of the D/A converter can be switched between highest precision or warmer sound signature.

The Intel i5 CPU provides plenty of power for seamless Roon Core server operation and allows for managing large music collections and operating multiple zone streams in a multi-room environment. Linux based Mytek OS handles preamplifier and computer/network connectivity functions and the modern, iPhone style user touch screen menu.
The Roon remote app on a smart phone/table is designed to be used for browsing and playing the music, while the Mytek OS app can also be opened on any smart device to conveniently duplicate the functionality of the front panel touch screen.
Both the DAC and CPU are powered from separate linear power supplies and a large oversized toroidal power transformer with automatic adjustment to line voltage.
The Brooklyn Bridge II Roon Core, like all Mytek components, is made in the E.U.


The Brooklyn Bridge II Roon Core is shipping now but is backordered, with quantities available from May 2023 in selected dealerships and at Mytek US and EU online stores.
It’s available in a choice of silver or black front panels and two internal music storage options: 64GB for $3995 US or 3995 EUR (VAT incl.), or 4TB for $4795 US or 4795 EUR (VAT incl.).

Estelon から新スピーカー AURA 登場!!!



26mm (1”) Scan-Speak ‘Illuminator’ Textile Dome tweeter 130mm (5”) mid-woofer by Satori is using a proprietary Egyptian Papyrus Cone 250mm (10”) Faital woofer ラウドスピーカーのベース(ダウンファイアリング)に設置


The Estelon AURA follows the general design philosophy of all Estelon loudspeakers, taking into consideration the environmental acoustics of real-life listening spaces. It provides an immersive and captivating audio experience like no other speaker of this size. Alfred Vassilkov designed the AURA with meticulous attention to detail, incorporating cutting-edge technology and unique features.

One of the standout features of the AURA model is its distinctive shape, which not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also serves a functional purpose. The unique shape of the AURA loudspeaker is technically sophisticated, and its advanced surface geometry results in characteristics that allow for a three-dimensional soundscape. The lack of parallel walls allows only pure and uninfluenced sound to emanate from the high-performance drivers.

The 26mm (1”) Scan-Speak ‘Illuminator’ Textile Dome tweeter has a symmetrical drive motor for outstanding sound quality and linearity, regardless if the music is reproduced at high or low volume levels. The tweeter excels at speed and high resolution. The soft curves of the cabinet, along with the tweeter waveguide, eliminate the negative reflective impacts from the driver output, thus the directivity of the speaker is homogenous and wide. The tweeter waveguide has a complex elliptical shape, and it is fine-tuned to match the specific tweeter by Scan-Speak. The sound dispersion is more uniform, and when paired with the mid-woofer drivers the sound is pure and uninfluenced.
The 130mm (5”) mid-woofer by Satori is using a proprietary Egyptian Papyrus Cone for achieving transparency and effortless delivery of the sound. The vented aerodynamic cast aluminium chassis provides optimum strength and low compression. The driver features a soft, low-dampening rubber surround for optimum transient response, and its neodymium motor system is optimized for low distortion. The silver lead wires are attached 180° apart for improved stability.
AURA’s innovative design allows the incorporation of a powerful 10″ woofer in the base of the loudspeaker (down-firing), for a rich and smooth bass reproduction. The 250mm (10”) Faital woofer provides articulate, deep bass. It has a semi-pressed paper cone that provides clean and tight low frequencies. The woofer has an accurate, effortless bass sound. The curved base plate enables the bottom firing woofer to acoustically couple with the floor. The isolation feet/ spikes are positioned in its corners at appropriate distance that provides the necessary stability for the loudspeaker. Lastly, the base-plate’s design and driver elevation from the floor allows the bass to propagate properly through the provided opening, even when the speaker is placed on thick carpeting.

The AURA design is geared toward sound quality; however, the restrained elegance is conspicuous. Estelon uses a thermoformed proprietary composite in order to be able to make the AURA loudspeaker cabinet with such advanced surface geometry, inside and out. The purposeful shape, and various internal chambers, result in characteristics that allow for ideal acoustical properties.
Furthermore, the acoustical environment created in the base of the AURA speaker provides an additional low-pass filter. This low-pass curve is deeper than the electrical filter, therefore the higher frequencies that are produced by the bass driver, at around 80Hz, are eliminated. The wide and coherent soundstage along with the depth and focus give the impression to the listener that they are always in the sweet spot, regardless of their position in the room.

The AURA is more than just a loudspeaker; it’s a work of art that combines form and function to provide an unparalleled audio experience. It is available in white and black finish, and the provided magnetic grille makes it an interior statement with its exceptionally elegant design. AURA is sure to be a game-changer in the audio world.

3-way passive loudspeaker, sealed box

Woofer: 250mm (10”) Faital, hard-pressed paper cone
2 x Mid-woofer: 130mm (5”) Satori, Egyptian Papyrus cone
Tweeter: 26 mm (1″) Scan-Speak, textile dome “Illuminator”


35 – 25 000 Hz

200 W

4 Ω (min 2 Ω at 58 Hz)

90 dB / 2,83 V

30 W

Thermoformed composite

Height: 1366 mm (53.7″)
Width: 384 mm (15.1″)
Depth: 367 mm (14.4″)

Net weight: 34 kg (75 lbs.) per piece

15-60 m² (160-645 ft²)

Estelon AURAは、現実のリスニングスペースの環境音響を考慮し、すべてのEstelonラウドスピーカーの一般的な設計思想を踏襲しています。このサイズのスピーカーでは味わえない、没入感のある魅惑的なオーディオ体験を提供します。アルフレッド・ヴァシルコフは、最先端の技術やユニークな機能を盛り込みながら、細部にまでこだわってAURAを設計しました。






Pioneerから フラグシップAVアンプ Elite VSX-LX805 11.4-Channel Network AV Receiver 登場!!



Elite VSX-LX805
11.4-Channel Network AV Receiver


Voxx Internationalの完全子会社であるPremium Audio Companyの関与のもと開発された最初のパイオニア製品

150 Watts, 11 channels
Two 32-bit ESS ES9026PRO
Roon Ready, Amazon Music対応

MCACC(Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration System)の最新版搭載

Dolby Atmos,Dolby Surround,DTS:X,Neural:X,IMAX Enhanced,Auro-3D

Dirac Live Premium Version
Dirac Live Bass Control Single/Multi Sub




– First LUMIN Transport to use new all-in-one chassis
– Latest processor provides greater resampling flexibility
– New integrated toroidal linear power supply
– Fibre Network provides complete isolation from network digital noise
– Increased capacity for future updates
– 3 USB ports including a NEW dedicated low-noise USB output
– Dual-Network interface with built-in Network Switch
– DSD512 and PCM768 playback
– 4 exceptionally low-phase-noise crystal clock oscillators
– New surface finish taken from the high-end P1
– Leedh Processing lossless volume control

PILIUM 新フラグシップ弩級モノラルアンプ ATLAS を予告!!



ZEUS Stereo と

写真はZEUS Stereo2台

avcat 「AUDIO FESTA in NAGOYA 2023 」写真速報




Estelon から新スピーカー登場!!




This March prepare for a new Experience!⁣

Something new from Estelon is coming soon…⁣

dCS Bartók APEX を正式発表!! アップグレードプログラムは 2023年3月より開始


dCS Bartók APEX


The Next Generation: Bartók APEX

We’re proud to introduce our pioneering APEX upgrade to the dCS Bartók from February 7th 2023, representing a new generation for our state-of-the-art DAC, Music Streamer, Upsampler, Pre-amp and Headphone Amplifier system.

We’re proud to introduce our pioneering APEX upgrade to the dCS Bartók from the 7th of February 2023, representing a new generation for our state-of-the-art DAC, Music Streamer, Upsampler, Pre-amp and Headphone Amplifier system.

When we release a new product at dCS, it marks the beginning of a journey that spans the life of the product. dCS’s engineers continually research how to improve existing technologies and products, a discovery process motivated by our drive to deliver unrivalled measured performance and the resulting musical experience.

Often, innovation comes in the form of software. With the recent Bartók 2.0 software update, we improved DSD upsampling and added new filter options. Mappers originally designed for Vivaldi APEX and Rossini APEX are now available in Bartók. The Mappers control the way in which data is presented to the Ring DAC™ core. Bartòk now includes three Mapper settings. It also includes DSD128 capability and an additional filter setting for DSD.

Additionally, our products feature a modular approach to construction. The design allows for future upgradability, which enables us to offer new hardware to existing owners. Such was the case with the Vivaldi APEX and Rossini APEX. Our obsession with remaining at the forefront of measured and musical performance meant that it was only a matter of time before we developed an APEX upgrade for Bartók owners. 

Bartók APEX is a distillation of our past, present, and future—30 years of innovation in a single beautiful, flexible, and futureproof chassis embodying the essence of dCS. Combining a DAC, Music Streamer, Upsampler, Pre-amp, and (optional) Headphone Amplifier, the Bartók APEX offers a singular experience for headphone and stereo listeners. Now with the APEX Ring DAC, our next-generation DAC hardware, we’ve once again redefined the state-of-the-art for digital audio. This upgrade allows us to take Bartók’s world-leading measured performance to a new level—technology that provides an even more immersive musical experience.

The New Bartók APEX Further Elevates the Listening Experience

The Bartók APEX retains the original’s powerful, dynamic and detailed soundscape and adds elements of resolution and refinement previously only achievable with the Rossini or Vivaldi APEX. dCS engineered Bartók APEX to inform and inspire.

APEX sets a new benchmark for transparency. It organically resolves the finest details and uncovers textures and subtleties that most systems overlook. From the broadest dynamic swings in volume to the subtlest shifts in tone, Bartók APEX reveals each aspect of a recording with a sense of effortless refinement and control.

Designed and hand-assembled at our headquarters in Cambridgeshire, England, Bartók APEX is born from meticulous craft, exhaustive development, and obsessive attention to detail—a relentless pursuit of musical purity that has inspired us to reimagine the limits of sound reproduction. 

CHORD Rob Watts氏 インタビューでサイズや価格に制約なしの最高のリファレンスとなるUltimaDACを開発中と語る


CHORD Rob Watts氏 インタビューで
DAVEのようなサイズに制約されず (DAVEでは代表のジョンフランクスがサイズにこだわった)
最高のリファレンスとなる UltimaDAC(UltimateDAC)を開発中と語る

CHORDの Rob Watts に対するインタビュー動画

Q&A session with Rob Watts about the past, present and future of Chord Electronics

A battery powered M Scaler and TT2/Hugo2?
Rob’s favorite headphones and loudspeakers?
A wireless streamer from Chord, will that ever happen?
A high-end headphone amplifier from Chord, will that ever happen? Working with FPGAs Rob’s thoughts about R-2R ladder DACs ?
Switching Mode Power Supplies VS Linear Power Supplies
Rob’s thoughts about third party linear power supply makers for TT2, M Scaler and DAVE
Will we ever see I2S inputs on future Chord DACs?
New Chord DACs?
Guinness or IPA beer? Which is Rob’s favorite





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