Avantgarde Acoustic から MEZZO G3 登場!!ミュンヘンハイエンドショウにてワールドプレミア


Avantgarde Acoustic


• Enlarged horn loaded bass reflex system for an uncompromising bass power and performance.
• New generation EvolutionAA drivers for increased dynamics, lower distortion, and even purer sound.
• Innovative XT3 tweeter with new ‘Long Throw’ Horn, extended super tweeter frequency range and record-breaking low distortion values. Variable phase correction of the XT3 tweeter via a precision mechanism with a user-friendly rotary knob.
• Coplanar arrangement of the acoustic centre of all drivers, for stunning musical and spatial coherence.
• NatureCapPlusAA, Avantgarde’s unique, proprietary new pure copper super-capacitor, with outstanding specs and incredibly delicate sound.
• Equipped as standard with the E-Fuse circuitry, an electronic fuse for an even more precise dynamic reproduction.
• Optional patented and fully active iTRONAA Current Drive, for perfect control of the driver output and the ultimate sound.
• Iconic and instantly recognizable design language, combined with future-proof modular technology for easy, future electronic upgrades.
• Multiple lacquer or wooden veneer finishes of the bass cabinets and new elegant colour and design options for an even more individual configuration of your dream loudspeaker.

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