Mytek から Brooklyn Bridge II RoonCore 登場!!


Brooklyn Bridge II RoonCore

64GB for $3995 US or 3995 EUR
4TB for $4795 US or 4795 EUR

ESS Sabre ES9028Pro 8-channel chipset
PCM data streams up to 384kHz/32 bit

DSD256, DXD, and MQA
Mytek HAT™ “Harmonic Audio Tuning” DAC technology
Intel i5 CPU

New high-end Roon Powered Streamer/DAC/Preamplifier

New York, March 16, 2023 – The new Brooklyn Bridge II Roon Core is a new high-end Roon Powered Streamer/DAC/Preamplifier. The device combines a Roon Core server, network streamer, exceptional DAC and preamplifier with phono MM MC input, and a headphone amplifier, in a single unit. It allows users to use the award-winning music player system without needing to set up a complex network or use multiple devices. All device features are of the highest possible sound quality.

The Brooklyn Bridge II Roon Core simplifies the setup of a Roon-based system, requiring only an internet connection, a Roon subscription, and speakers with amplifiers. It can also be bundled with the matching Mytek Brooklyn AMP+ to power the speakers (The Brooklyn AMP+ is a separate unit that is designed to function as a high-end power amplifier with a power output of up to 300W per channel into 8 ohms). Users can control the system through a smartphone or tablet or the built-in iphone style touch screen. The device comes in two versions, with a 64GB or a large 4TB internal music storage and two color finishes: silver and black. Brooklyn Bridge II Roon Core is compatible with all high resolution streaming services and radio supported by Roon, Tidal/Qobuz, and NAS network drives. An auxiliary Bluetooth 5 input provides instant connectivity for all other internet music and radio sources. The Brooklyn Bridge II Roon Core is made in Europe, and its design meets the highest standards of quality and performance. It features an Intel i5 processor, the Roon Core, and the Mytek OS operating system based on Linux, and a “Reference High Current, high transient” headphone amplifier that can drive both single ended and balanced headphones. The device includes a finely-tuned volume control with choice of analog or digital volume control and steps of 1dB for both headphone outputs and XLR and RCA outputs.

The DAC electronics of the Brooklyn Bridge II have been built to the highest standards. Mytek’s own custom implementation of the ESS Sabre ES9028Pro 8-channel chipset allows it to convert PCM data streams up to 384kHz/32 bit into analog signals, as well as DSD256, DXD, and MQA with a built-in hardware decoder. The Mytek HAT™ “Harmonic Audio Tuning” DAC technology, developed for the Mytek flagship Empire Streamer, is also used here. The sound characteristics of the D/A converter can be switched between highest precision or warmer sound signature.

The Intel i5 CPU provides plenty of power for seamless Roon Core server operation and allows for managing large music collections and operating multiple zone streams in a multi-room environment. Linux based Mytek OS handles preamplifier and computer/network connectivity functions and the modern, iPhone style user touch screen menu.
The Roon remote app on a smart phone/table is designed to be used for browsing and playing the music, while the Mytek OS app can also be opened on any smart device to conveniently duplicate the functionality of the front panel touch screen.
Both the DAC and CPU are powered from separate linear power supplies and a large oversized toroidal power transformer with automatic adjustment to line voltage.
The Brooklyn Bridge II Roon Core, like all Mytek components, is made in the E.U.


The Brooklyn Bridge II Roon Core is shipping now but is backordered, with quantities available from May 2023 in selected dealerships and at Mytek US and EU online stores.
It’s available in a choice of silver or black front panels and two internal music storage options: 64GB for $3995 US or 3995 EUR (VAT incl.), or 4TB for $4795 US or 4795 EUR (VAT incl.).

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