CH Precision 10シリーズを正式発表!!


CH Precision Releases New 10 Series Amplifiers

Flagship Components
The same revolutionary system architecture, sophisticated software control and expandable, configurable topology as the 1 Series but with unprecedented levels of performance.

Applying every lesson we’ve learnt, questioning every assumption.
Refining PCB layouts and sourcing superior components.
Going back to the drawing board to offer new circuit solutions and even greater versatility in operation.
Two box topology with separate dedicated power supplies for both pre and power.
Three colours and customizable chassis finish configurations.
More power, more capability but above all, much more performance.

The 10 Series has exceeded even our expectations. Let it exceed yours…

L10 Dual Monaural Twin-Chassis Line Preamplifier

When it comes to musical integrity, nothing says “walk silently – but carry a big stick!” quite like the new L10.

When it comes to high-end electronics, there are fewer top-flight line preamplifiers than any other product category, a fact that reflects just how critical their role is to system performance – and how difficult they are to design. So, when you already build the L1, widely recognised as one of the finest line preamplifiers ever heard, how do you set about improving it?

By keeping the recipe and refining the ingredients – something that’s easily said but which has taken all of our accumulated knowledge and experience to achieve. But achieve it we did. The L1 set a new benchmark. The L10 sets an entirely new standard for musical performance.

Any line-stage needs to be quiet, transparent and stable. It needs to be seen and not heard – at least until you remove it from your system. Then you should hear exactly what it brings to the party! It must anchor the incoming signals and deliver them onwards, propelled from a firm footing that ensures dynamic and musical authority. It must pass the source signals in your system, without limitation or disturbance, leaving no trace of itself on their passage. It must be all powerful but also invisible…

The L10 retains the fully discrete, balanced and complementary design, ultra-short signal paths and heavily regulated and filtered, multi-stage power supplies, wide-bandwidth, high slew-rate and DC coupled topology of the L1. It incorporates the same sophisticated R-2R ladder volume control, sophisticated DC detection and cancellation circuitry and software control. But while the overall topology might seem familiar, the execution takes performance to a completely new level.

Signal paths have been further shortened and their routing refined, to reduce induced noise and distortion.
Every single discrete component in the signal path has been reassessed and wherever possible upgraded.
The external power supply is a dedicated design, specific to and optimized for the L10, with increased regulation and massively increased capacity.
Feedback topology can be user selected between local and global settings to suit musical preferences and system requirements.
The result is the most musically sophisticated line preamplifier that money can buy: A lower noise-floor, increased transparency, harmonic layers and textures (especially at low frequencies), wider dynamic range, greater dimensionality and a more natural tonal palette. But what really elevates the performance is the sheer sense of human agency, purpose and drama – from the smallest, poised musical nuance to the most shocking orchestral crescendo, the clarity of the most convoluted solo line to the drive and impact of the most powerful rock band. Irrespective of scale or genre, whether it’s a time to reflect or a time to party, the L10 will breathe life into your music, transport you to the original recording.

Being a CH Precision component, versatility, upgradability (to full four-chassis, true monaural topology) user configurable operation and a full-function control interface come as standard. Exceptional audio and musical performance comes as standard too – except that in this case, that performance is truly extraordinary.

M10 Stereo Power Amplifier

In a few short years, our M1.1 has become a classic, setting the standard in terms of both performance and versatility. So superseding it, establishing a completely new level of musical capability was always going to demand a major effort and a complete re-think, re-examining every part down to component level. The result was a unique new input stage that significantly outperforms existing circuits, all new circuit boards, re-laid to minimise induced noise and distortion and upgraded components throughout the signal path – all contributing to a dramatic increase in low-level resolution, transparency, natural tonality and musical flow. But at the other end of the scale, headroom is a major limitation on amplifier performance. Dynamic swings can test even the M1.1’s generous 200 W/Ch rated output, so for the M10 we didn’t just increase that by 50%, we doubled the power supply capacity too, creating an output stage with massive musical potential. That reservoir of power doesn’t just come into play on musical climaxes. It gives the quietest passages and instruments the same stable clarity and presence you hear in real life, it precisely traces changes in level and musical density, it holds instruments separate but places them precisely within a single space. It recreates the energy and chemistry of the original performance – and when that performance reaches its climax, the M10 reproduces that too. Effortlessly!

It’s when you try to put all that musical potential in a box that the physical challenges begin. Power supplies are big – and they’re heavy. Building a single chassis to accommodate the M10 was certainly possible, but the resulting product would have been somewhere between difficult and impossible to move or house. That’s why the M10 amplifier comes in a twin-chassis configuration. Those two outwardly similar boxes are not mono-blocs. Instead they are an amplifier stage and a separate power supply chassis. Even splitting the M10 like this, each box is a two-man lift, although they retain the M1.1’s manageable dimensions and will fit into standard racks.

What the M10 also shares with the M1.1 is that amplifier’s versatile topology and user configurable operating parameters. That makes the M10 four amps in one, with output configurable for stereo, bi-amp operation, high-current or high-power mono – in which mode it delivers over 1KW into an 8 Ohm load. The modular input options have been simplified and users can now adjust global feedback ratio (damping factor) in 1% steps, allowing even finer speaker and system matching.

Twice the size of the M1.1 the M10 delivers more power, is just as versatile and even more configurable. With unique circuitry, improved components and more refined signal routing, it improves on the performance of the established model in every single respect. Our goal was to raise the bar. Listening to the M10, even we are surprised just how high it’s been set.

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