TechDAS AirForce Zero 詳細写真を発表

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Base Frame 100 kg, Stainless Steel
Platter Base 35 kg, Extra Super Duralumin
Platters 118 kg in total
Bottom Platter 30 kg, ø 40cm, Forged Stainless Steel SUS 316L
Second Platter 20 kg, ø 31cm, Forged Stainless Steel SUS 316L
Third Platter 20 kg, ø 31 cm, Cast Gunmetal
Fourth Platter 20 kg, ø 31 cm, Forged Stainless Steel SUS 316L
Top Platter 28 kg, ø 31 cm, Powder Sintered Tungsten
Total Moment of Inertia 18,720 kg/cm square
Drive System Belt-Drive, Polished and Non Flexible Polyurethane Fiber Belt
Drive Motor 3-phase 12-pole AC Synchronous Motor manufactured by Papst, Germany (1000/5001)
During a Startup and Adjustment of the Rotation A High Torque Rotation
In a Steady State Rotation  Non Servo, Low Torque, Ultra Low Vibration
Rotation Speed 33.3 rpm / 45 rpm, Precise Speed Adjustment Function
Wow & Flutter Below 0.03%
Suspension Air Suspension, Air Charged by an Electric Air Pump Built-in Power Supply Unit
Main Unit Dimensions including Motor 901 (W) x 677 (D) x 335 (H) mm
Distances Between Center Point of Base Frame Feet Front Left Foot – Front Right Foot = 674mm
Rear Left Foot – Rear Right Foot = 722mm
Front Left Foot – Rear Left Foot = 461mm
Front Right Foot – Rear Right Foot = 442mm
Total Weight of Main Unit including Motor 350kg (Power Supply / Air Pump Units are not included)
Unit 1/3 430 (W) x 365 (D) x 205 (H) mm, 15 kg
Unit 2/3 430 (W) x 365 (D) x 205 (H) mm, 13kg
Unit 3/3 430 (W) x 365 (D) x 205 (H) mm, 10kg
2x Titanium Tonearm Bases (Tungsten Tonearm Base available as option)
1x TechDAS Disc Stabilizer, 1x Platter Cover
Set of 2 Racks with Turntable Platform and Shelves Rack 1/2: 905 (W) x 675 (D) x 790 (H) mm
Rack 2/2: 790 (W) x 610 (D) x 790 (H) mm

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