SIMAUDIOから、MOON Evolutionシリーズフラグシップパワーアンプ「 888 」登場!!

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MOON Evolution
888 Power Amplifier

Available in Q2 2017

·  Massive single-piece cast aluminum heat sinks are manufactured using the same processes as  high-performance racing engines.
·  The heat sinks can dissipate energy far better than typical designs. Further CNC machining assures a fit and finish within  1/1,000th of an inch.
·  Audio circuitry is integrated within the complex monolithic heatsink thereby dampening vibration down to the vanishing point.
·  The transistors’ output section boasts a prodigious 8kW total rating, assuring the amplifier will always operate far below its  capacity.
·  Over 350,000 µF of power supply energy storage and massive transformers for extreme power delivery.
·  State-of-the-Art componentry in all areas.
·  All-aluminum chassis with cast and machined components assures exceptional heat dissipation and thermal efficiency.
·  Finest rhodium-plated heavy-duty speaker output connectors.






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