AVALONから、新「INDRA」登場!!「 Indra Ceramic 」「 Indra Diamond 」

海外ニュース速報 [World]

We are excited to announce the redesign of a timeless Avalon classic!

The Avalon Indra has been re-born!

Utilizing the same sized cabinet and similar drivers, we have created an entirely new crossover network, different internal wiring, and a startling performance envelope.

This newest Musical Masterpiece will be known in its two versions as: Indra Ceramic and Indra Diamond.

The Indra Ceramic has a one inch concave ceramic neodymium tweeter, 3.5 inch concave ceramic dome midrange and two 7 inch nomex-kevlar composite cone woofers.

The Indra Diamond has a .75 inch concave diamond diaphragm tweeter (made famous by our iconic Eidolon Diamond) with the mid and bass section identical to the ceramic version.

Both have inherited the latest filter topologies and parts developed exclusively for Tesseract. Here’s your chance to hear many of the qualities found in “The Ultimate Transducer”.

Same classic look, but with shocking macro-dynamic contrasts and internal detail. The backgrounds are blacker the staging separation stunningly transparent.

Never has such a dynamic energy field been available in such a modest sized package.

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