Wilson beneschから、新スピーカー「 Endeavour 」登場!!

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Wilson benesch Endeavour




250 years ago, almost to the day, the British Royal Naval vessel HMS Endeavour was launched from Whitby, Yorkshire. In recognition of this anniversary the latest design from Wilson Benesch takes its name in honour of the now famous ship that was Captained by one of the world’s greatest explorers, James Cook.

The elegant nautical lines of the Endeavour standmount loudspeaker can be seen to draw its design dialogue from the flagship Cardinal. Featuring a geometrically optimised carbon composite top, an identical alloy baffle profile, identical spine and the same silk black aerospace finishing. In every way, the Geometry Series and its flagship Cardinal set a new benchmark for the company.

Wilson Benesch don’t do convention; with the Cardinal and now with the Endeavour loudspeaker, each represent the boldest statement of intent that the company could have made to this effect. Unique in its execution, material design, crossover design and of course aesthetics; The Endeavour defines state-of-the-art. No expense has been spared across the Endeavour; each 1.47-metre high channel weighs in at over 100-kg. The huge Isobaric Drive mounts via its own specially designed aluminium housing, which in turn sits in a beautifully tapered alloy base upon which the carbon composite A.C.T. Monocoque and spine locate. Carbon fibre detailing extends beyond the A.C.T. Monocoque and beautifully sculptural top, to the carbon fibre ports located both at the rear, as well as adjacent to the Isobaric drive units on the underside of the speaker. Notably, Endeavour introduces another world’s first in the form of the advanced Aerospace materials of the carbon fibre Nano Tech Housing that is located within the bass chamber itself. This provides for the optimal air volume ratio and defines the Endeavour as the ultimate expression of loudspeaker design. The Endeavour enclosure subsequently delivers  outstanding signal to noise ratios, superb coherence and vanishingly low cabinet related diffraction artefacts. The Endeavour foot, is the systems anchor. It ensures that the energy from the extremely dynamic systems above will always be grounded solidly to their location. Hewn from a solid billet of aluminium, the form provides a multiple number of functions, most obviously the extension of two alloy hand wheels that terminate into the same Kinematic spike cups of the Cardinal. Like other notable Wilson Benesch loudspeakers, termination is made on the underside of the foot, so avoiding any visual disruption to the beautiful forms extending north.

The Endeavour is constructed from Wilson Benesch’s in-house drive technologies deployed in a unique arrangement which sees one midrange Tactic-II drive unit deployed above the Semisphere Tweeter, with a set of Tactic-II bass drive units mounted on the huge aluminium base on the underside of the enclosure working together in an Isobaric Drive. Every last detail of the Endeavour exudes the quality and refined luxury that has become the hallmark of Wilson Benesch.










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