Avantgardeから、新スピーカー「 UNO Fino 」登場!!

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Avantgarde Acoustic has just introduced the latest addition to their award-winning range of horn speakers, called the UNO Fino. Being their most compact horn speaker yet, the UNO Fino is said to be aimed firmly at the highly active Asian market where audiophiles are looking for very high quality speakers that can play well in smaller rooms.

Utilizing the same midrange and high frequency drivers as the standard UNO G2, the Fino boasts a high sensitivity of 104db into 8 ohms. It even has the same 250 watt dedicated amplifier that drives the woofers!

So what is the difference between the Fino and the G2?
Well, mainly the size as you will see when you view them in our showroom. They are both shorter and narrower than the standard UNOs and that helps a great deal when placing them in space challenged situations! Towards that goal, Avantgarde has employed a brand new (and smaller) bass driver to achieve a slim and more elegant profile and housed in an attractive wooden cabinet that hopefully will go a long way towards pleasing the other half, if you know what I mean! Most owners will not need the original twin 8” woofers if they only have a small listening room anyway.

So basically what you will get is a high sensitivity and very easy-to-drive speaker that shares almost all of the Uno G2 qualities in a smaller and more manageable package that plays well in small rooms without any of the usual bass boom problems. Good news? The other piece of good news is that this is also Avantgarde Acoustics’ most affordable horn speaker yet!

Retail prices have not been finalized yet, but it will definitely be lower than the UNO G2.

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