FM Acoustics、40周年記念。40ペアのFM118を製造。来月に記念新製品を発表か?

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  • 40 Years of dedication
  • 40 years of persistent research
  • 40 years of advancements
  • Year after year developing milestones in audio

…Not an easy feat at all. In 1973 FM ACOUSTICS was created by young Manuel Huber with the support of his father (who just celebrated his 100th birthday). When asked if he would be interested to sell his 33% shareholding in the company, he commented: “I’d rather wait a while longer, the value of the shares might increase even more…”).

FM ACOUSTICS has quietly become the synonym of natural and accurate music recording and reproduction. The solid, 100% family owned company has been successful for 40 years – without assistance from financiers, bankers, governments or the like. “It was good fortune that we never had to give in to pressures that other companies experience in their daily activities” explains Manuel Huber. “Thanks to this we were always able to follow our imagination and creativity without restrictions and zero interference”. This explains part of the accomplishments achieved. FM ACOUSTICS’ status as the uncontested leader in precision audio has been established through relentless research, thorough development and metious craftsmanship.
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We are very grateful for the support of our clients – without which we would not have been able to build our dreams. And we are not stopping… This year will bring enticing news!
In celebration the fortieth anniversary, FM ACOUSTICS is very pleased to continue it’s leadership with the culmination of power amplifiers: the Resolution Series® 118.

Opening up a splendid new world in music appreciation, this jewel of audio art has been crafted for the few aficionados who own equipment that can reveal its phenomenal performance.

Only forty pairs of the FM 118 single channel amplifiers will be crafted, each pair celebrating one year of FM ACOUSTICS’ mission to create musical masterpieces.

More good news will follow in the next months.

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