ESOTERIC Grandioso E1, the first fully balanced phono amplifier in the Grandioso series / Optical Cartridge Compatible/ Grandiosoシリーズ初のフルバランス・フォノアンプ「Grandioso E1」/ 光カートリッジ対応

World Premiere at Tokyo International Audio Show

The Grandioso T1, the first analog turntable to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the Esoteric brand, marked a new milestone in the history of vinyl playback with the development of the revolutionary Esoteric MagneDrive System. The Grandioso E1 is the flagship phonostage preamplifier of the Grandioso series, designed as the second Grandioso model for vinyl playback after the T1.
Together with the T1, the E1 offers an unprecedented listening experience through technological innovations worthy of the renaissance of vinyl playback.

Two Chassis Design
The Grandioso E1 features a two-chassis configuration, with the power supply and control sections separated from the main phonostage preamplifier chassis. By separating the power, control and display functions, which are potential sources of vibration and noise, from the main chassis, the audio signal can be amplified with extreme purity.

Balanced Current Input (XLR × 3)
The E1 is equipped with three proprietary balanced current inputs (XLR) that receive the “current” generated by the coil of the MC cartridge. Compared to the conventional voltage input system, where the current generated by the cartridge coil is converted to a voltage signal by the load resistor, signal loss is minimized and there is no need to worry about matching the load impedance to the cartridge. The balanced current input system allows the E1 to reproduce the true sound of the cartridge with the unparalleled authority of musical performance.

Optical Input (RCA × 1)
The E1 is equipped with a pair of RCA inputs dedicated to optical cartridges. All circuits, including the phonostage and power supply, are designed to be completely independent and dedicated exclusively to optical cartridges, allowing users to fully enjoy the crisp and open sound that only optical cartridges can deliver.

Voltage Input (RCA × 1)
The E1 is equipped with a pair of RCA connectors for conventional voltage signal input. Depending on the cartridge used, the load impedance can be selected from a variety of options for MC cartridges or load capacitance for MM cartridges. The input signal is immediately fed to a fully balanced phono stage and amplified for uncompromised sound quality.

Variable EQ Curve
The E1 has a sophisticated variable EQ function that can be controlled from the front panel or via a remote control. A wide range of EQ curve presets are pre-installed, including the popular RIAA, Columbia, Decca, NAB, Teldec and AES curves. You can also customize individual EQ parameters and preset up to four custom EQ curves. You can get the best sound quality from virtually any vinyl record in your collection.

High Quality Buffer Amplifier
The output buffer amplifier of the E1 follows in the footsteps of the Grandioso C1X, and a lot of material has been invested. The Esoteric-HCLD (High Current Line Driver), which has an amazingly fast slew rate of 2,000V/μs, is mounted in parallel configuration to each signal line.
The output level can be finely adjusted for each pickup cartridge.

Separated Power Supply
The separate power supply section has four independent internal power supply circuits (right channel, left channel, optical phonostage, and control circuit), and three dedicated DC cables (right channel, left channel, and optical phonostage) are used to connect to the main phonostage unit. With four independent power supply circuits, mutual interference between circuits is prevented, supporting the E1’s pure and powerful playback capability.

Two Chassis Design

Balanced Current Input(XLR × 3)
Grandioso E1は、MCカートリッジが発電した「電流」をそのまま受け取る独自のカレント入力バランス端子(XLR)を3系統備えています。カートリッジのコイルで発電される信号を負荷抵抗で受け、電圧に変換する一般的な方式に比べ、信号のロスが極めて少なく、負荷抵抗のマッチングを気にする必要がありません。カートリッジが本来持っている音をありのままに再生することができ、演奏のリアリティーをそのままに再現することができます。

Optical Input(RCA × 1)

Voltage Input(RCA × 1)

Variable EQ Curve

High Quality Buffer Amplifier
出力バッファーアンプは、Grandioso C1Xを踏襲し、大規模な物量を投入しました。2,000V/μsという驚異的にハイスピードなスルーレートを誇る「ESOTERIC-HCLD(High Current Line Driver)」を一つの信号ラインに対してパラレル構成で搭載。プリアンプへ強力かつハイスピードに信号を送り出すことで、躍動感あふれるサウンドをお届けします。

Separated Power Supply