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Master Crown Interconnect

⋆ 4 high purity S10 monochrystal conductors for lowest distortion
⋆ Balanced grounding and Zero Crossing Distortion
⋆ Plasma gold-plated monochrystal silver XLR and RCA contacts


Perhaps the most challenging cable to realize another breakthrough in musical performance, was the interconnect cable. It’s new technology is the result of many scientific findings, the most important being:

1) The solid S10 monocrystal silver conductors are now constructed following the new Balanced ground principle, for both XLR and RCA cables, further lowering the low noise floor.

2) MFD (Magnetic field distortions) related to the composition of conducting materials and insulators are also reduced further due to the new construction.

3) Reduction of CSD (Current shielding distortion) effects, for less interference with the natural audio signal.

4) Jitter reduction improves the Zero Crossing Distortion, greatly influencing the audible recognition of voices and instruments.

Just as important are the connectors, where the ultimate transfer of signal takes place. That is why all contacts are S10 monocrystal silver pins, gold-plated through a special direct plasma-plating process to further enhance sound quality. The clamping mechanism on the RCA connector is improved to avoid the risk of Eddy currents.

Lastly, Master Crown’s Superior shielding switch allowing you to choose between directional grounding or lifting the shield connection all together, depending on your system and its surroundings.

These landmark steps in the pursuit of ultimate system optimization have led to Master Crown Interconnect; the most silent, distortion-free cable in the world.







Master Crown Power

⋆ 18 conductor configuration with S10 monocrystal silver & G9 silver-gold wires
⋆ Pure silver contacts on power connector
⋆ Maximum power integrity & ultra-realistic music


Power cables have an unexpectedly big audible effect on the reproduction of music. Magnetic leakages cause distortion in particular frequency ranges, inducing small distortions which are unrelated to music but affect all connected electronics and other (mainly interconnect) cables nearby. Furthermore, those distorted currents cause saturation in many power cords resulting into audibly colored sound at these peak currents.

Even small electronic devices may have repetitive peak current of 1 Amp while only taking 10 watts of energy out of your AC mains. During development of the power cables, our research group uses advanced software like COMSOL Multiphysics and the world’s most advanced measuring equipment to minimize the effects of these peak current distortions. This leads to extremely high levels of power integrity and an astonishing subjective and objective performance.

The power cable’s special grounding even removes the need for ground lifting, often done by audiophiles to improve the sound. Siltech’s new 18 conductor conductor configuration consisting of both S10 monocrystal silver and G9 silver-gold wires minimizes signal loss and distortion, and eliminates external interference.

The elimination of harshness, complete lack of induced distortion and subsequent

Bass stability creates a new ultra-realistic feel to the music: A true new Master of Power.


小型の電子機器でさえ、AC電源から10ワットのエネルギーしか取り出さないのに、1アンペアのピーク電流を繰り返すことがあります。電源ケーブルの開発中、私たちの研究グループは、COMSOL Multiphysicsのような先進的なソフトウェアと世界最先端の測定機器を使用して、これらのピーク電流の歪みの影響を最小限に抑えています。これにより、極めて高いレベルのパワーインテグリティと、主観的にも客観的にも驚くべき性能を実現しています。



Master Crown Speaker Cable

⋆ 6 ultra-thick s10 monocrystal conduxtors
⋆ Perfectly symmetric hexagon construction
⋆ Plasma gold-plated monochrystal silver-spades


For a loudspeaker cable low loss and low distortion are key to their performance, and the cable needs to get the best out of all types of equipment. By optimizing all parameters, we are sure our cables always will sound incredible on just any combination of audio gear.

By adding MFD (magnetic field distortion) and CSD (current shielding distortion) removing technology, Siltech’s new generation Master Crown creates an unbelievably powerful sound, with a high level of information, precision and above all a fluid dynamic sound that immediately grabs your attention.

Yes, it will handle 10kW, but more importantly, it’s able to let you hear 8 Femtowatts (0.000000000000008 Watt) of sound too. This mind-blowing range enables every micro detail (or better; Femto detail) to be heard, making your sound ultra realistic and adding a layer of fine detail and authenticity in any situation.

As the final ends of the signal transfer are extremely important, the S10 monocrystal silver spades on Master Crown speaker cables are gold-plated with direct plasma-plating for additional depth and body to the sound.

Master Crown speaker cables will reveal the best possible resolution out of any system, ensuring you will experience music like never before.


MFD(磁界歪み)とCSD(電流シールド歪み)の除去技術を加えることで、Siltechの新世代Master Crownは、信じられないほどパワフルなサウンドを生み出し、高い情報量と正確さ、そして何よりも流れるようなダイナミックなサウンドは、聴く者の心をすぐに掴みます。



Master Crownスピーカー・ケーブルは、あらゆるシステムから最高の解像度を引き出し、これまでにない音楽体験をお約束します。