B&Wから、新「 700s2 」シリーズ登場!!

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The new 700 S2 Series from Bowers & Wilkins replaces the CM S2 series, which for many years has been incredibly popular with music and home theater enthusiasts worldwide. This time, however, it’s not just an update – this is a whole new series!

B & W has focused on giving you as many of the qualities of the legendary 800 Series Diamond as possible at a price that is still soluble for common mortals. The 700 Series therefore puts a new standard in the middle class that the competitors will have more than difficult to measure.

Whether you need a compact cookie model or a heavy, full home theater, you can be sure that you get a solid, exclusive 700-series experience. The design is simple, stylish and exclusive, and you can choose from real wood veneer, black high gloss or matt white lacquer.

Carbon Dome – a treble without noise

The 700-series Nautilus-loaded treble introduces a whole new treble technique from Bowers & Wilkins: Carbon Dome. The diaphragm has double reinforcement with carbon and carbon fiber, and the result is a fabulous detail and airiness in the highest tones of music, far beyond the audible limit. The large 702 S2 floor model and the nice 705 S2 tripod model have the treble mounted in a separate aluminum housing at the top of the cabinet, again a principle taken from the 800 series.

Continuum FST and Aerofoil – unique solutions for unique sound quality

All three-way models in the 700 series are just like the 800 Series, featuring B & W’s unique ” borderless ” Continuum FST Midrange. The membrane is woven in B & W’s own ” Continuum ” material, providing an extremely smooth and neutral reproduction of voices and instruments.

The 700-series cleaned baseboards are crafted with a simplified edition of the ultra-light and ultra-thin Aerofoil membrane developed in the 800 Series. These light and rigid membranes function almost like a perfect ” piston ” , delivering superior and impressive precision and dynamics at both low and high sound pressure

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