MSB、「 Reference DAC 」を正式発表!!<スペック追記>

海外ニュース速報 [World] 新製品速報

The MSB Reference DAC.

With the recent success of the Hybrid DAC technology debuted in the MSB Select DAC, we are proud to release a new DAC carrying much of the same technology.  More updates will be released soon.

Base Configuration starting at $39,900.00:
◾4 Hybrid DAC modules
◾1x SPDIF input module included(4 input slots available)
◾Femto 140 clock
◾Digital Volume Control
◾Dual Supply Power Base
◾Silver and black stock finishes

Notable Features:
◾Compatible with Select input modules and standard femto 140, femto 77, and femto 33 clock modules
◾Analog preamp upgrade available for analog inputs, volume control, and additional analog outputs
◾2X Mono Power bases to replace dual supply
◾Custom finishes available with extra charge


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