B&Wから、CMシリーズのフラグシップモデル「 CM10 」登場!!ノーチラス型ツィーター搭載。

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3,500-4,000 euro

Bowers & Wilkins is proud to CM10

– the new flagship series CM, which raises the level of sound to new heights. CM10 brings a series of new technologies, including “tweeter above” double layer dome tweeter, midrange with FST ™ suspension is mechanically decoupled from the main body and three bass drivers. construct a “tweeter above” previously found only in the flagship 800 Series Diamond, and now she is and at CM10. Isolating the tweeter from the main body, the designers have significantly improved image and sound dispersion, creating a more natural and spatial sound. dome tweeter mounted in a separate enclosure for the first time had a unique two-layer structure, which increases the accuracy and controllability of the sound, even at very high frequencies. Its design is based in part on studies carried out in creating reinforced carbon fiber tweeter used in the AC PM1. Here, the edge is reinforced aluminum dome with a second layer of aluminum with shape of the main dome, but without the central part of what might be called the design “double dome”. Such an approach to increase the rigidity of the entire structure and to prevent distortion of the voice coil at high frequencies. engineers could result in increase of the first resonance frequency of 30 kHz (normal dome) to 38 kHz, – a double-layered structure with a dome. With this tweeter sounds cleaner and his movement is more like a perfect piston in the important for the perception of the audible range of up to 20 kHz. The result – extremely transparent sound and controlled, even under heavy load. Another advantage of placing the tweeter at the top – is that at the same height of the body, like the CM9, the designers were able to insert the third bass driver, giving an overall increase in the area of the diffusers 50% increase in sensitivity and better bass response by. In other words, in CM10 managed to get more low bass, and the ability to play louder with less distortion issue.

In CM10 midrange with FST ™ Kevlar ® cone suspension and first mechanically decoupled from the main body and is based on a rod fixed to the rear panel, which is largely similar to what was done for the AC 800 Series Diamond. Such a solution does not only reduce the color of the sound generated by the vibrations of the body, but to free students from binding sound to the positions occupied by the speakers.

Moving midrange closer to the top of the speaker has almost the same effect as setting the tweeter at the top: it improves the dispersion of sound and enhances the feeling of “air” sound. The cumulative effect of all the improvements is that compared to the CM9, CM10 plays louder, has a deeper bass sound way better and less distortion and coloration.

CM10 is available in several finishes to fit into any room. You can select one of two options of classic wood veneer: Walnut pink (Rosenut) or wenge (Wenge), as well as the polished black (Gloss Black) or matt white (Satin White) finish.







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