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 THIEL’s new three-way floorstanding Coherent Source Loudspeaker represents a stunning new benchmark in acoustical performance for loudspeakers. Gorgeous new industrial design complements THIEL’s legendary time and phase coherence technologies including revolutionary driver design that deliver the most detailed, natural, and musically lifelike reproduction of the original performance possible. Close your eyes, listen for yourself, and be there. 

 The CS2.7 incorporates new technologies developed for our flagship CS3.7 loudspeaker including a state-of-the-art coaxial/coincident driver. The midrange element itself has perfectly neutral response to 20kHz – an upper range specification seldom attained even by tweeters. 

 Deep, fast, and tight bass emanates from an all THIEL-designed and built 8-inch woofer supported by a passive radiator that provides the bass extension of a tuned port with none of the breathy “chuffing noises” associated with vented enclosure designs. The result is authoritative bass response boasting the detail and articulation of a sealed cabinet.

 The newly designed CS2.7 enclosure wraps THIEL’s unique driver designs in a very attractive, ultra-rigid bent plywood laminated with your choice of hardwood veneer. THIEL’s non-resonant enclosure preserves critical detail during playback–more so than even prior generations of the THIEL CS2 series speakers which had already excelled in this regard.

 Low level cabinet vibrations can be audible enough to diminish the purity of sound during playback of music and movies. THIEL’s new CS2.7 replaces the 1 inch thick MDF cabinet walls of previous CS2 series models with much more robust curved plywood. The increase in rigidity prevents the enclosure from vibrating in sympathy with the movement of the drivers, preserving even the most minute details.

 Further, the curved walls are laminated in your choice of fine hardwood veneer, creating a luxurious and attractive loudspeaker that is of the finest furniture grade. The design of the CS2.7 is unmistakably THIEL. The characteristic sloped back baffle is wrapped with walls inspired by the CS3.7 flagship, but with clean edges and lines made popular by earlier THIEL models. 

[Coaxial Coincident Driver]
 At the heart of the CS2.7 lies one of THIEL’s greatest innovations ever –the star diaphragm coaxial / coincident driver which inspired the creation of our flagship CS3.7 loudspeaker. 

 Both the midrange and tweeter diaphragms are formed of anodized aluminum. The unique ribbed geometry of the midrange is engineered to deliver immense rigidity and clarity. An uncharacteristically large diameter voice coil further braces the midrange against out of phase bending common in virtually all other loudspeaker drivers.

 Tremendous control and high output capability is afforded by the massive amount of neodymium magnets powering the drivers. A very large ring magnet drives the midrange, while 5 neodymium magnets drive the tweeter. 

 As with all THIEL designed and built drivers, this element utilizes a short-coil / long-gap and copper stabilized motor system to ensure ultra-low distortion and utter faithfulness to your music.

 THIEL’s eight inch woofer is a perfect example of our quest to develop wide bandwidth drivers 
with vanishingly low distortion characteristics. 

 Distortion is 1/10th that of typical woofers this size. The magnetic system is a THIEL proprietary short-coil / long-gap design whereby the voice coil never exits the ultra-strong and stable magnetic field setup inside the gap thus helping the amplifier exert complete control over woofer motion. 

 The motor structure is stabilized by sheathing the center pole with a copper sleeve, and by including a copper shorting ring at the base of the back plate. The first of these measures dramatically reduce the inductance of the voice coil thereby ensuring that the frequency response of the driver is not modulated by the motion of the coil over the pole. The copper shorting ring guarantees that the voice coil’s magnetic field (again, analogous to the signal from the amp) always reacts against a rigid and fixed magnetic field as setup by the magnet. By exercising these extreme measures in driver design, the THIEL CS2.7 delivers an unprecedented level of detail and dynamics. 

 As with any new THIEL speaker, extensive fine tuning happens in the laboratory and listening room. The CS2.7 has been precisely tuned after quite an extensive process of measuring in our engineering facility, and very careful extended listening sessions in our world class listening room. 

 The job of the crossover is primarily to send sounds of various frequencies to each appropriate drive unit, but we take the opportunity to do much more. Our 6dB per octave synthesized crossover slopes ensure that the entire speaker system is phase correct –a feat very few loudspeakers can claim. We also correct for relatively small irregularities in driver response which are on such a small scale, most loudspeaker manufacturers are content to dismiss them entirely. 

 Those who remain skeptical of including so many components in a crossover can rest at ease. We use only very fine quality components which will not mask fine detail. Our high quality capacitors and pure copper air-cored inductors are among the finest in the industry. 



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