CH Precision D1.5 CD/SACD Player/Transport 正式発表!!東京インターナショナルオーディオショウにてワールドプレミア


CH Precision
D1.5 CD/SACD Player/Transport

Despite advances in high-resolution file-replay, the optical disc remains the reference standard for digital music replay. Those who have predicted the imminent demise of CD and who already danced on the grave of SACD might want to take a look at the rude health of the vinyl LP, a format long ago consigned by many to the dustbin of audio history. In fact, there have never been so many CD and SACD titles (or formats) available – and they have never been so affordable, making them the most consistent and stable digital source currently available – and one that is constantly evolving as superior materials and manufacturing techniques continue to improve performance. They are a source that’s going to be with us for years to come, making a high-performance optical disc player central to any high-end audio system. But the key to that statement is the term “high-performance”. At a time when many CD players are little more than an off-the-shelf transport option, bolted onto a multi-input DAC, the reputation of optical disc replay has suffered significantly.

Product Description
The heart of any disc player is the transport mechanism itself. But what do you do if current mechs simply aren’t up to the job? If you are CH Precision, you build your own! The critical mechanical parts of our proprietary Mechanically Optimized Reading System (MORSe) are built entirely in-house, combined with. The carefully selected optical pick-up and motor are precisely mounted on a massive brass sled that weighs almost 1kg (2.2lbs). This high-mass lowers the mechanical resonance frequency of the module several orders of magnitude lower than in most other transports, while ensuring an ideal counter-weight to the torque of the spinning disc.

The complete module is isolated from the rest of the chassis using four alpha-gel isolators, fine-tuned to filter vibrations all the way down to AC mains frequencies. This prevents vibrations generated by the spinning of the disc from reaching sensitive electronic boards, as well as low frequency vibrations originating in the power supply or chassis disturbing the accurate tracking of the laser mechanism.

The disc clamp is made of lightweight PEEK polymer, which provides optimal grip and dimensional stability, ensuring slip-free transmission from the direct drive motor to the disc.
The chassis holding this crucial sub-system is a 2 kg rigid aluminum structure, directly coupled to the heavy base of the D1.5. This makes an ideal mechanical ground reference for the rotating parts that, along with our updated mechanical grounding system effectively eliminates mechanical interference.
Built around the massive MORSe mechanism, the D1.5 is a configurable CD/SACD player/transport, the card-cage output architecture allowing owners to optimize the output topology to suit their system requirements, whether they need a player, transport or prefer to have both in a single unit.

The digital output board (CH-Link HD, S/PDIF, AES/EBU and TosLink) is supplied as standard. The CH-Link HD connection allows digital output of high-definition material, including DSD direct to the C1 or I1 DACs. In the case of CD replay, the D1.5 allows users to choose between the raw MQA (44.1kHz/16bit) output and an MQB output.

It is also possible to fit a pair of dedicated, mono DAC boards, utilizing our proprietary PEtER spline filter algorithm, to create a reference player capable of SACD, CD and MQA CD replay. The optional SYNC IO clock synchronization board allows the D1.5 player/transport to be slaved to either a DAC master clock or the T1 Reference clock for optimum performance. Finally, the D1.5’s performance can be further upgraded with the use of an X1 external power supply.

All replay, output and user interface functionality is accessible via the CH concentric control on the front panel, or remotely, via the CH Control App. The large AMOLED screen can be color configured to reflect different source/output formats, while the color itself and brightness can be adjusted to offer a perfect match with other units in the system. This flexibility when it comes to configuration or application, along with its ease of operation, make the D1.5 not just the highest performance but also the most adaptable, upgradable and future proof optical disc replay solution available.

Technical Specifications
Frequency response
DC – 20kHz for CD
DC – 50kHz for SACD

Full scale analog outputs level
4V RMS balanced
2V RMS single-ended

Dynamic range

96dB for CD and > 120dB for SACD

Signal to Noise Ratio

120dB for both CD and SACD

Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise
< 0.002% for CD < 0.0015% for SACD Dimensions/Weight
440 x 440 x 133mm (W x D x H), 22kg
800 x 600 x 300mm (W x D x H), 30kg (in box)

Supported discs
CD, CD-R, CD-RW: stereo PCM 16 bits, 44.1kHz (redbook), MQA-CD
SACD single layer and hybrid stereo, DSD 1bit, 2.8224MHz (scarletbook)

User control
Dual concentric rotary knob with push function (control knob) and CH Control Android app

800 x 480 24bits RGB AMOLED

Power supply
Selectable 100V, 115V or 230V AC, 47Hz to 63Hz

Power consumption (Standby)
< 1W Power consumption (Normal operation)
Max 100W

Operating conditions
Temperature: +5°C to +35°C, humidity: 5% to 85% (no condensation)

Digital Audio Outputs (DIGITAL_OUT_HD board)
Proprietary data link supporting high-definition uncompressed audio and control. Cyphered operation for high-resolution signals (DSD). LVDS signaling for all audio signals (incl. clocks). 16bits/44.1 or 24bits/88.2kHz (CD, MQA-CD). 1bit/2.8224MHz (SACD)

AES-EBU (consumer format)
XLR connector, 2.5Vpp diff., 110 Ohm,
16bits/44.1 or 24bits/88.2kHz (CD, MQA-CD)
24bits/44.1, 88.2, 176.4kHz or 1 bit/2.8224MHz DoP encoded (SACD)

Coaxial (S/PDIF)
RCA connector, 0.5Vpp, 75 Ohm,
16bits/44.1 or 24bits/88.2kHz (CD, MQA-CD)
24bits/44.1, 88.2, 176.4kHz or 1 bit/2.8224MHz DoP encoded (SACD)

Standard TOSLINK optical connector,
16bits/44.1 or 24bits/88.2kHz (CD, MQA-CD)
24bits/44.1, 88.2, 176.4kHz or 1 bit/2.8224MHz DoP encoded (SACD)


ディスクプレーヤーの心臓部は、トランスポート・メカニズムそのものです。しかし、現行のメカでは対応できない場合、どうすればいいのでしょうか?CH Precisionであれば、自分で作ってしまいます。当社独自のMechanically Optimized Reading System(MORSe)の重要な機械部品は、すべて社内で製造されており、以下のような組み合わせになっています。厳選された光学ピックアップとモーターは、ほぼ1kg(2.2lbs)の重さがある巨大な真鍮製のソリに正確に取り付けられています。この高質量により、モジュールの機械的共振周波数が他の多くのトランスポートよりも数桁低くなり、同時に回転するディスクのトルクに対する理想的なカウンターウェイトが確保されています。



デジタル出力ボード(CH-Link HD、S/PDIF、AES/EBU、TosLink)を標準装備しています。CH-Link HD接続により、DSDを含む高品位な素材をC1またはI1のDACに直接デジタル出力することができます。CD再生時には、D1.5ではMQA(44.1kHz/16bit)の生出力とMQBの出力を選択することができます。

また、独自のPEtERスプライン・フィルター・アルゴリズムを採用したモノラル専用DACボードを2枚装着することで、SACD、CD、MQA CDの再生が可能なリファレンス・プレーヤーを実現することも可能だ。オプションのSYNC IOクロック・シンクロナイゼーション・ボードは、D1.5プレーヤー/トランスポートをDACマスター・クロックまたはT1リファレンス・クロックにスレーブ接続して、最適なパフォーマンスを実現します。さらに、X1外部電源を使用することで、D1.5の性能をさらにアップさせることができます。

すべての再生、出力、ユーザーインターフェース機能は、フロントパネルのCHコンセントリックコントロール、またはCH Control Appを介してリモートでアクセスできます。大型のAMOLEDスクリーンは、異なるソース/出力フォーマットを反映したカラー設定が可能で、システム内の他のユニットと完璧にマッチするように色自体や明るさを調整することができます。D1.5は、このような柔軟な構成と操作性により、最高のパフォーマンスを発揮するだけでなく、最も適応性が高く、アップグレード可能で、将来性のある光ディスク再生ソリューションとなっています。無料版)で翻訳しました。

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