Lindemann から THE MUSICBOOK POWER II Musicbook POWER 500/1000 – Version II 登場!!



The list of our many new developments starts with the Musicbook POWER 500/1000 – Version II. On the face of it, there are no differences in comparison with the previous model, but the new circuit design of the POWER II is a class of its own:

The sonically crucial voltage gain stage was outsourced from the N-CORE module and constructed as a separate circuit. The use of extremely high-grade J-FET amplifiers and a power supply with less than 1 µV of noise level results in an almost perfect amplification of the input signal without any negative influence from class-D amp interference. The N-CORE module is quasi used as a power buffer to provide the already amplified input voltage with the necessary current which is needed for driving loudspeakers. A perfect team with a big sound potential.

The signal detector, which is responsible for turning the amplifier on and off, has been reworked: the sensitivity was raised and at the same time the immunity to interference was lowered by the use of a fully balanced circuit design. The signal detector works only in the left channel now and has therefore the same sensitivity in both operating modes (stereo and bi-amping). Altogether a clear increase in operating safety.

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