Nagra から HD Turntable 登場予定!!


Nagra new HD Turntable

70 years ago Stefan Kudelski created the first portable analog tape recorder, the NAGRA I. In 1972, he filed a patent for an innovative tonearm.

For the 70th anniversary of the Nagra I, we are launching a very ambitious analog playback project. The new NAGRA HD TURNTABLE is designed and precision-built in Switzerland with no compromises. Packed with innovation for smoother movement and isolation that puts you right in the studio with the musicians in a way never experienced before, it is built like a Swiss watch to the most exacting standards. Not only pleasing to the ears, it is also a beautiful object and a testimony to Nagra’s mechanical expertise and dedication to pure sound.

Analog dream !

Aerospace Exium / acrylic platter for a very low resonance and high density providing maximum inertia
Dual motor belt-drive inspired by the legendary Nagra IV-S for low flutter
Suspended chassis with a self-resonance below 3 Hz, way below the cartridge bandwidth
Supercapacitor power supply for very low noise and speed stability
Automatic speed correction for 33 1/3 rpm long play and 45 rpm
Pitch control for correcting LP playback speed
Chassis and sub-chassis with layered construction for low resonance and high rigidity, like the HD PREAMP and HD DAC X, to prevent any sound coloration from the mechanical parts
Dual geometry adjustment for perfect balance
Oversized steel and bronze precision main bearing

The Nagra HD TURNTABLE will be released this fall.

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