Crystal Cable (Crystal Connect)から、新フラグシップケーブル ARTシリーズ登場!!


Crystal Connect new flagship series

The new art collection is divided into three models named after the three great artists who changed the history of art – Monet, Van Gogh and the flagship model, Leonardo da Vinci. The new Art Series is divided into three models, named after the three great artists who changed the history of art – Monet, Van Gogh and Da Vinci – and includes traditional speaker, signal, power and phono cables, as well as new digital, USB and network cables.
Three new technologies – the ultimate in performance
Along with the new products, Crystal also brings three new technologies to enhance the performance of the Art Series wire.

The new generation of metallurgical technology – Infinite Monocrystalline Silver
Since its inception, Crystal has been known in the industry for its state-of-the-art metallurgical technology in creating excellent “gold-silver alloy” and “monocrystalline silver” conductors. With the launch of the new Art Series, Crystal has also introduced the tenth generation – Infinite Silver Conductor, which again raises the level of crystal purity, electrical conductivity and low impedance to a whole new level.
The Infinite single crystal silver conductor completely eliminates the existence of “boundary” between crystals, making each lead truly a single “crystal”. The superior metallurgical technology helps to make the overall design of Crystal Color more versatile, with a new structure and design for better musical and acoustic performance.

Quieter Wires – Super Grounding Technology
Super Grounding is primarily used for signal lines in the Art Series. Thanks to the new Infinite single crystal silver conductors, we are able to reduce the number of wires in the signal path and use more wires for grounding while maintaining transmission performance. This not only reduces the capacitance and distortion, but also reduces crossover distortion, which allows us to keep smaller signals and more detail in the music. In addition, the lower impedance and noise of the ground wire, which is also made from a large amount of Infinite Monocrystalline Silver, allows for a more complete signal bandwidth loading and a quieter listening experience.

Greater Visibility – Cross Balance Structure
The cross-balanced structure is primarily used in the Art Series for speaker and power cables. The new Infinite single crystal silver conductor revolutionizes the inherent structure of traditional speaker and power cables by using coaxial and triple coaxial structures that eliminate distortion while avoiding the introduction of phase errors. The result is the fastest, lowest-noise, most revealing speaker wire we have ever made.
The results are even more impressive when cross-balanced structures are applied to power cords. The low loss, low resistance construction allows the cable to respond as quickly as possible to system power requirements, while the additional shielding prevents the effects of RF signals and electromagnetic interference, restoring realistic detail and movement.

At the heart of CrystalConnect – the Crystal Art Series of cables – is the elimination of all unwanted negative influences. That’s why Crystal has developed new metallurgical technologies, innovative wire structures, and carefully selected insulating and shielding materials. Only this almost obsessive attention to every detail can guarantee the best performance.

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