ansuz、New D·TC2 series を正式発表。


ausuz D·TC2

Ansuz tried to make the best out of the Corona-lockdown. We invested that time to focus our endeavors on searching for ways to further develop and improve our product range. In line with the Ansuz mantra: solid grounding, low capacitance and low inductance, we found that we could remarkably elevate the performance of our D·TC series if we applied and integrated our most recent advancements in Ansuz technologies.

What followed was a series of extensive trials and elaborate audio testings that helped us identify and filter out the entire potential of acoustical improvements that would advance our new D·TC series to an unprecedented new level of musicality – so outstanding and unique – that we had to celebrate this with the launch of the brand new D·TC2 series.

You may already be familiar with our Ansuz products and have experienced the enormous musical potential that is inherent in all of them. But the new Ansuz D·TC2 series has now pushed open the musical gateway to the ultimate performance in musicality. The new D·TC2 series advances audio quality and its authenticity from better to simply the best.

Here are the key Ansuz technologies that have been integrated into this new D·TC2 series:

Active Tesla Coil
This is an active noise suppressing element that relies on the mains spike noise cancellation.

Active Square Tesla Coil
This active type of coils is embedded on both sides of the double-sided circuitry board.

Active Cable Tesla Coil
An active coil type that is acting directly on the mains wires.

Analog Dither
The analog dither reflects a vital part of Ansuz technology that we use in a wide range of our products. The dither is adding a very low-level random noise pattern and modulating the noise floor. With this pioneering technology, it is possible to hear what is below the noise-floor. Thus, it provides more transparency and a deeper penetration into the full potential of the musical source.

Anti-Arial & Resonance Coil
All cables and cable screens act like antennas. By fitting AARC in our cable structures, we reduce the cables’ ability to absorb airborne RF/EMI. The mechanism of the Ansuz AARC technology is to make sure that the cable has no definitive length. That way, the cable or internal wire cannot act as an antenna. Thus, no standing waves can be absorbed in the cable and infiltrate your audio system.

Double Anti-Arial & Resonance Coil
By integrating two sets of our AARC in our cable structures, we further reduce the cables’ ability to absorb airborne RF/EMI.

The new D·TC2 series is expected to be available to lovers of high-end music some time between July and August 2020 at our premium dealers.

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