海外ニュース速報 [World] 新製品速報


・ 2-way design
・Yamaha’s proprietary ZYLON diaphragm material (Toyobo Co. trademark) for the new 160mm mid-bass driver.
・Same outstanding tweeter as used in the NS-5000
・ Resonance Suppression (RS) chamber structure
・ A new acoustic absorber has been implemented to suit the new design and enclosure dimensions/volume.
・The highly-engineered crossover design including Mundorf Supreme EVO capacitors from Germany.
・Efficiency of 87dB (2.83V/1m)
・Nominal impedance of 6 ohms (4.6 ohms minimum)
・Frequency response of 39 Hz to 60 kHz at -10dB.
・The SPS-3000 speaker stands
 The robust design features MDF and rubber construction terminated by a 6mm-thick metal top plate

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