Lumen whiteから、「 white light anniversary 」スピーカー登場。

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*Lumen whiteについては現在日本国内への輸入代理は行われておりません。

Lumen white premieres worldwide the “white light anniversary” reference monitors at high-end 2015 show in Munich.
Celebrating a tradition of benchmark shifting loudspeaker designs.
In 1999, lumen white`s original “white light” reference monitors shook up the loudspeaker world with a unique and groundbreaking loudspeaker design that outperformed alternatives by a wide margin.
The “white light” reference monitors featured the world`s first all-ceramic driver array in a radically advanced pressure- and flow-dynamics optimized cabinet and numerous innovative technologies in an all-out, blank-sheet assault on the state-of-art in reference loudspeaker performance.
The “white light” monitors became an instant legend worldwide, by virtue of their superlative sonics, unprecedented levels of realism, transparency and sheer musical magic.
Countless attempts to emulate their landmark performance have trailed lumen white products since their introduction – while lacking more often than not even a basic understanding of the design innovation and conceptual synergy at work in them.
After 15 years later in the making, a completely new generation of significantly advanced, custom designed drivers and continuous advancements of their signatory loudspeaker technologies have finally prepared the stage for a new generation of lumen white reference designs, the new technologies to be premiered in a special anniversary model of their iconic “white light” monitors.
A testimony to what is possible, when true out-of-the-box innovation, mastery of multiple disciplines technologies and uncompromising craftsmanship are put to work in the service of music and long-term value creation in the audio industry.
Please find attached an introduction to this exciting reference design, which will be available in numerous premium veneers and custom finishes and with optional diamond tweeters.
Lumen white and we cordially invite you to join us at high end 2015 in Munich, where the “white light anniversary” reference monitors will be premiered in a mythical -white macassar- (the most expensive wood veneer) finish.
The presentation will also feature the latest generation of lumen white´s acclaimed “Mystere” air bearing turntable system.
And will be held at booth 1 S03 in hall 2 (Living Sound GmbH – Ayon Audio) at the high end 2015 show.



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