PS Audioから、「 NuWave Phono Converter 」登場。

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What the heck is a Phono Converter?  It’s our newest product and we’re quite excited to give you a sneak peek.  Take a high-end analog phono preamplifier and combine it with a state-of-the-art Analog to Digital Converter and the NPC is what you wind up with.

Ready to ship this September, the NPC has the best analog phono stage we’ve ever built in our 30 something years of building phono stages.  100% analog from input to output, this is like our famous GCPH phono stage on steroids.  Passive RIAA, a class A all FET gain stage, this beauty is quiet and able to handle just about any cartridge you put on it (it has 6dB more gain than did the GCPH).  In a few weeks we’ll have all the specs up on the website.

DSD as well as high resolution PCM In addition to the analog phono stage we’ve also included a wonderful Analog to Digital converter that can take either the output of the phono stage, or the output of any analog source you wish, and convert it to either DSD or PCM.  With this output you can plug directly into your DAC and play records without any compromise.

Or, use the asynchronous USB output to feed the DSD or PCM signal to your computer so you can build a digital library.  DSD encoding is available in standard or double rate and PCM audio is capable of up to 192kHz, 24 bit.  We’ve even added a Digital lens to the final output to keep the digital audio sounding sweet and unjittered.



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